My Christmas Gift to You

I'm giving the gift of awareness this Christmas. No actually, it's a call to action for us to live smarter... For us to consider our purchases, lifestyle, and the way we do things every day.

If you think about how polluted our city, seas, or even your home is; how animals die because of our irresponsible use of plastic; the reality that Manila will be under water by 2050, and that Greenland's ice sheets are melting 7x faster than in the 1990s (So what? Read here.)... Wouldn't these rattle you to think of something to help extend the life of our dying world?

How will your sons and daughters survive, thirty years from now?

I hope we can act on this pressing issue the best we can. Probably the easiest and most practical way is to consume the least amount of waste and energy possible each day.

I'm not a saint and I'm having a hard time living sustainably as well, but I'm trying. I hope you can also start (or continue what you've already been doing).

Here are 12 practical ways to help you start living smarter:
  1. Act as if there's water shortage everyday.
  2. Place your purchase/s in your bag or pocket instead, if you can. Or just carry it with you, if feasible. Tell the cashier that you don't need a plastic or a paper bag anymore.
  3. Have an ecobag with you each time you go out. You'll never know when you'll need it.
  4. If you don't need new clothes/gadgets/things, don't buy.
  5. Bought a piece of clothing online that's packaged in plastic? Reuse that plastic!
  6. Buying coffee outside? Bring your tumbler. Other cafes offer discounts when you use your own glass.
  7. Simply avoid straws. You can drink from the glass instead (if the glass is clean).
  8. Using Ziploc in storing toiletries in your travels? Reuse that Ziploc! I've used mine for more than 3/4/5x already.
  9. Save on your day-to-day energy usage. Turn off the lights and unplug your devices when not in use.
  10. Don't waste food... There's more to your leftovers than you think.
  11. Stuck in line or in traffic? Educate yourself instead of browsing through Facebook/Instagram. Here's a good website to start. Or this. Or this.
  12. Be a good example and spread the word. There is an impact on every little thing you do.
Can you commit to at least 3? Make it a habit, then commit to another 3? This would be one of the best Christmas gifts you can give to your child.

Merry Christmas. :)

PS: In case you're thinking about it...this post is NOT sponsored by any business or website.

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