Travel Guide: Ayutthaya Day Trip

A sneak peek of Wat Phra Mahathat from the outside

In our 2nd day in Bangkok, which was a Sunday, we headed to explore Thailand's old capital, Ayutthaya. It is about 1 hour away from Bangkok by minivan. This is a must-see when in Bangkok for it is clad with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a lot of breathtaking sceneries. The city-province has a relaxing, quiet vibe compared to Bangkok, and this is one you would want to definitely experience when in Thailand.

See the guide below for your exciting day trip in Ayutthaya!

How to Go:

1. Go to Victory Monument via BTS Skytrain

2. Ride a minivan to Ayutthaya
- Travel time: about 1 hour or 1 hour 20 minutes
- Fare: 60 THB
- Tip: At the Exit, you'll notice a monument (rotonda) in the middle of busy intersection. Exit to the side with the mall and shopping tents/tiangges. You'll see a lot of minivans there. There's a line dedicated to other provinces (Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, etc.), and another line dedicated to Ayutthaya. The line to Ayutthaya is near 7 Eleven. Ask around to ensure you're in the right line.

3. Tell the driver to drop you off at Naresuan Road
- It is the drop-off place for tourists. It is across a market and Family Mart. KFC and 7 Eleven are nearby as well.
- Tip: Buy water from Family Mart or 7 Eleven. You'll need it for your day tour.

4. Hire a Tuktuk or a Motorbike to take you around Ayutthaya
- Fare for Tuktuk: about 200-300 THB per hour. Tuktuk fits about 2 people.
  • It is more comfortable than a motorbike, but you'll end up paying more.
  • If you have loads of bags with you, or a bit scared of riding a motorbike without a helmet, then the tuktuk is for you. 
- Fare for Motorbike: rates from point A to point B are relatively cheaper.
  • The benefit of riding a motorbike is that you can stay in the temples all you want without having to worry about the hours spent. With a tuktuk, the longer you stay (in the temples), the more you pay.
  • In our case, we hired a motorbike. See fares below:
    • Naresuan Road to Wat Phra Mahathat
    • Travel time: less than a minute
      Fare: 25 THB for 2 persons
    • Wat Phra Mahathat to Phra Mongkhon Bophit and Wat Phra Si Sanphet
    • We walked via Ayutthaya park.
    • Wat Phra Si Sanphet to Wat Chai Wattanaram
    • Travel time: about 8-10 minutes. The place is far. You'll definitely need a motorbike (or tuktuk) here.
      Fare: 80 THB for 2 persons
    • Wat Chai Wattanaram to Wat Yai Chai Mongkol
    • Travel time: about 9-10 minutes
      Fare: 120 THB for 2 persons
    • Wat Yai Chai Mongkol to Ayutthaya Floating Market
    • Travel time: about 5 minutes
      Fare: 100 THB for 2 persons
    • Ayutthaya Floating Market to Naresuan Road (for minivans back to Bangkok)
    • Travel time: about 8-10 minutes
      Fare: 100 THB for 2 persons
- Our tour took us 7 hours, from 11am until 6pm. We took our time in each place, which made the trip worth it. With this tour, a tuktuk will cost us 1400 THB for 2 persons. The motorbike we rode only cost us 425 THB for 2 persons.

5. Go back to Bangkok City via minivan at Naresuan Road.
- Where the minivan dropped you off in the morning.

Where to Go:

1. Wat Phra Mahathat (Entrance Fee: 50 THB)

Buddha's Head in Tree Roots

2. Walk to the next temples through the nearby park

3. Phra Mongkhon Bophit

4. Wat Phra Si Sanphet (Entrance Fee: 50 THB)

View of Phra Mongkhon Bophit from one of the towering spires of Wat Phra Si Sanphet

5. Wat Chai Wattanaram (Entrance Fee: 50 THB)

6. Wat Yai Chai Mongkol (Entrance Fee: 20 THB)

From the tower... I will not show you what's inside the tower, to force you to climb up its towering steps! ;)

Offerings at the feet of the Reclining Buddha

7. Ayutthaya Floating Market

Thailand's arts, lifestyle and culture in one large compound. Experience authentic Thai food, noodles, merchandise, and skits by local Thai artists all in one place! Entrance is free. (:

8. Elephant Village

It is near Ayutthaya Floating Market. Visit this place if you have extra time. Remember, you have to be back at Naresuan Road before 6pm (make it 5pm or 5:30pm to be safe) to catch the minivans back to Bangkok!

Do Not Miss:

Ayutthaya's delicacy, Roti Sai Mai, is a must-try. It's twirled palm sugar (like noodles), and tastes like roasted cotton candy. You wrap it with something that looks like a pita bread.

You will see this everywhere - by the streets, and in the Ayutthaya Floating Market where we got ours at 3 packs for 100 THB.

Also try their popsicle - it's rectangular in shape and it comes in different flavors. This is sold by vendors near tourist sites and temples. We got our at Wat Phra Mahathat from a very friendly Thai local. :) Her smile totally made our day.

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  1. Hi Ms. Camilla, question: The motorbike rental (does it include a driver or the motorbike per se is for rent and you need to drive it yourself?) Thanks!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi there! It includes the driver. :)

      They use motorbikes in commuting (like how our tricycles are here; we ask them to bring us to our destination and we pay them the necessary fare). We asked a motorbike driver if he can bring us to these places. He agreed and gave us good rates.

      You'll see motorbike drivers stationed near tourist spots (example: in front of popular temples). You can also ask them to bring you to the places you want to visit and they'll give you a certain price.

      Good luck and stay safe!

      (Sorry I had to delete my previous comment and replace it with this one. I want to edit something but I can't find the "Edit" button, so I deleted it instead heheh)

    3. Hi Ms. Camilla, thank you for the quick response. One more thing, riding a motorbike without a helmet, is it legal in Thailand?