Coron is truly a wonder. With just a boat and a reliable boatman, you’ll be able to see and experience nature’s beauty abounding in the Calamian group of islands. Rock formations, green slopes from the hills, white sand beaches, breathtaking lakes, and a diverse marine life - what more could you ask for?

The sea fronting Kayangan Lake

More than that, this area offers a lot of sightings on Japanese ship wrecks from World War II. It was a thrilling and scary experience to (skin) dive and see the wrecks up close as I am personally scared of ships due to their colossal size. Yet it was cool seeing these ship wrecks used by the Japanese and bombed by the Americans decades ago. It carries with them unspoken stories and memories from World War II.

Taken by Dan Fernandez, edited by Camowam

I suggest that you experience Coron at least once in your life. To help you out, below is a quick and easy guide for your hassle-free planning:

How to go?

Take a plane from Manila. I suggest that you choose an airline other than Air Philippines. We had five-hour delays on our trip to and from Coron.

Where to stay?

1. We stayed at Sea Dive Resort. It is located by the sea, so for the sea loving people out there, I suggest you try this one out. Having breakfast by the sea is wonderful.

Spicy chicken pasta from Sea Dive Restaurant

They have cheap room rates. You may check them out in their website -

If you’re staying in their fan rooms, make sure to have you bed cleaned (again) before sleeping on them. I think they have “surots” because my friend and I had lots of bites upon waking up. One of our companions did not have any though (lucky him).

If it were not the “surots,” then it could have probably been the mosquitoes. Do not forget to bring your OFF lotion.

Sea Dive has free WiFi, coffee, tea, and water. Yeah.

They also have a bar called the Helldiver’s Bar. Their glass of Rhum Coke is cheap (P50 - yey for me) and they offer free popcorn with your drinks. They have billiards and fooseball tables for your entertainment. Relics from World War II are also plastered on their walls. I highly recommend that bar.

Taken by Dan Fernandez, edited by Camowam
2. You may also check out Ralph’s Pension House (walking distance to the sea; no need for tricycle rides). They also have free WiFi, coffee, and drinking water. Check out their website here:

3. Also try Mt. Tapyas Hotel. Comfortable rooms, cheap accommodations. Check out their website here:

What to do?

1. Climb Mt. Tapyas (700+ steps). We did not do this though. We’re not fans of climbing; only swimming. :P But if you are, try this! The sight is amazing (well, this is an understatement) from the top, as they say.

2. Swim in the Maquinit Hot Springs (P150). It is a salt water hot spring with a temperature of 38-40 degrees Celsius! We drank ice cold beers while relaxing in the hot springs.

We hired a tricycle to take us to the place. The tricycle driver charged P400 for 4pax.

3. BOAT TOUR 1 (P2500 4pax with lunch): Coron Loop Tour
- snorkel and feed the fish at Siete Pescados (P100)
- swim and chill at Kayangan Lake (P200) and Barracuda Lake (P100)
- visit Banol Beach ()
- swim and snorkel at the Twin Lagoon (P100)
- snorkel and dive at the Skeleton Wreck to see a Japanese boat ()

Kayangan Lake

4. BOAT TOUR 2 (P4500 4pax with lunch): See more ship wrecks and snorkel in the Coral Garden! We saw the Sangat Gun Boat Ship Wreck and the Lusong Ship Wreck. Then, we snorkeled some more in the Coral Garden. We were lucky enough to see pawikans before heading back to our resort! Lucky us!

Taken by Dan Fernandez, edited by Camowam
Taken by Dan Fernandez, edited by Camowam

5. BOAT TOUR 3 (P5500 4pax with lunch): Visit Malcapuya Island (P200, plus P100/P200 for the cottage) and Banana Island (P200). White sand, blue waters, coconut trees, roaming pigs, friendly dogs, a hawk, massage services by Kuya Cris, duyans, fresh buko juice for sale - oh this is paradise!

Malcapuya Island
Banana Island

6. Drink at the Helldiver’s Bar, and play fooseball!

7. Eat breakfast by the sea.

About the boat tours: Thanks to Sea Dive for our boat tours. Our lunch was cooked by Kuya Joshua, our boatman, on the boat.

Lunch on the boat in the middle of the sea - this, you should also try.

Do not forget to bring bread for your fish feeding activities!

Taken by Dan Fernandez, edited by Camowam

Do not forget to bring snorkel masks and fins too! If you do not have one at home, you may rent a set in Sea Dive (P250 per day), or in the various dive shops near Sea Dive.

Other places to visit:

- Malaroyroy Beach (near Malcapuya Island and Banana Island)
- Calumbuyan Island (
- Culion Island


1. You have to take a van from the airport to the Coron Town Proper (30-40 minutes). It costs P150, one way.
2. Bring OFF lotion. Palawan is known for its mosquitoes. Hehe.
3. Bring Caladryl (anti-itch cream) just in case the mosquitoes and the bugs bite you.
4. We found the food expensive in Coron. P70 for a Tocilog meal in a carinderia? Just saying.

There you go. If you’re going to Coron, tell me please. I’d be more than glad to tag along. :P

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