Night Life in Brunei

Brunei is an Islamic country that strictly adheres to its religious principles. Others claim that it is not tourist-friendly and boring, but I'd say that its quiet city atmosphere is exactly the break a tourist may need from his/her usual upbeat experience in most parts of the world.

Below are some ideas to get you through Brunei's quiet nights.

The Mall

The Mall is Brunei's central shopping and recreational area. It is nothing like Ortigas, Makati and is a far comparison from BGC, but it serves it purpose well.

We went to The Mall to find out that milk teas are also a hit in Brunei. Ochado and Gong Cha are some of the milk tea brands we have seen here.

If you have a lot of time to spare, catch a movie! Their movie tickets cost almost the same as ours.

We've also met a lot of OFW's in The Mall (actually, the whole of Brunei). Almost each store - no exaggeration - had a Filipino in it. They were baristas, sales ladies, waiters... It's crazy. It did not feel like I was in a foreign land at all. You wouldn't worry getting lost here because there's ALWAYS a Filipino around to help you out. You can chat with them, make friends, and share experiences that can inspire both of you to be strong and live better despite the sad fate the Philippines has brought its citizens.

Making friends with OFWs in Brunei

Illy Coffee / Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf + Street Tour

As a tourist in a foreign country, you'd definitely expect a different kind of entertainment or perhaps, a Still-Standing-After-15-Shots kind of party experience. But liquor and smoking are banned in the country. 95% of establishments are closed by 9PM and the only people you'd see walking around the city are tourists.

The only establishments we found open near our hotel in Bandar Seri Begawan are Illy Coffee and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. A moment in these coffee shops may do for a peaceful night life in Brunei, so don't forget to bring your favorite book.

A tour of the streets will definitely be a unique experience too. It's like a ghost town, with a towering mosque lighting its desolate streets.

Gadong Night Market

This is Brunei's very own Mercato, which offers street food, cheap Nasi Lemaks and spiced kebabs! Unlike Mercato, they do not have chairs and tables for diners as Bruneians usually prefer to take their food home. What you will see is a line of cars parked along the sidewalk, waiting for their designated buyers to return.

So where did we sit?

Well, we didn't. Who needs chairs and tables when you have a variety of mouthwatering treats all around you? Hop from stall to stall and try out everything you can! The prices of their food are very affordable.

Gadong Night Market is definitely a must-try. You will definitely be looking for a place to hang out at night in Brunei, and this is the most exciting scene you will find.

You may say that Brunei's night life has nothing much to offer, but the experience is so unique that it will be one of the most unforgettable in your traveling life.


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