Destination: Pagudpud

We went to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte through the good service of Florida Bus*. The travel time from Manila to Pagudpud is around 12 hours.

We met Kuya Rod*, our tour guide, upon arriving in Pagudpud. He drove us to Kapuluan Vista Resort*.

We decided to spend the rest of the day in the resort to rest. This was due to the weather, which was clearly not cooperating at that time. The wind was at its mightiest power; the sky was gray, and there were frequent rain showers too. It wasn’t bad though - staying in the resort was really comforting. Their rooms and bathrooms were really clean. The interior design helped set a more peaceful and relaxing vibe to the place. Lounge in their dining/common area, and you’ll get the same relaxing feeling too. Ultimately.

It was a stormy first day.


The next day, we toured Ilocos Norte. We saw Bantay Abot Cave, Patapat Viaduct, Bangui Windmills, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation, and Saud Beach. We weren’t able to take pictures of Saud Beach anymore because we ran out of batteries.

Bantay Abot Cave (It's really nice inside.)

Patapat Viaduct

Bangui Windmills

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

We also ate dinner at this German restaurant, which I highly recommend. The name of the restaurant is BergBlick Restaurant. The food was delicious, and the people were really bubbly, friendly, and accommodating. The chef is German and his wife’s Filipina.

The next day, we spent our time in the Blue Lagoon beach. We surfed (yes!), chilled, and enjoyed the beach’s beauty. It was just a 5-10 minute walk from Kapuluan Vista Resort.

We left the resort at around 4pm, hailed a trike to take us to the main highway*, and boarded a bus to Laoag. In Laoag, we rode a bus to Vigan where we next stayed.

It wasn’t so hard to spot a bus to Vigan in the Laoag station. If I’m not mistaken, a bus leaves for Vigan every 30 minutes or every hour.

Travel time from Pagudpud to Laoag is around 2 hours. Travel time from Laoag to Vigan is around 2 hours too. 1.5-2 hours, to be exact.


Florida Bus

Thanks to for this photo.

    * around P600/pax from Manila to Pagudpud
    * reserve a ticket before your date of travel to avoid any inconveniences during your trip
    * visit their station instead of just calling them. Their station’s located at Manila, near LRT 2 Legarda station. Alight at Legarda station and ask the pedicab drivers to bring you to the Florida bus station. It will take you less than five minutes to get there.
    * Here’s their number (if you have any queries): 7433809 or 7815894

Kuya Roderick (your ultimate driver/tour guide in Pagudpud)

    * P1000 for your Pagudpud tour (He’s genuinely nice. He wouldn’t cheat on you, believe me. See my post on the Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation, and you’ll see why.)
    * The P1000 is good for three people. Kuya Rod has a tricycle which can only fit that number. Ask him if he his tricycle can accommodate four.
    * Contact number: 09195109658

Kapuluan Vista Resort

    * P2000 per night for the standard room (during off-peak season!)
    * Food: P200-500 per dish (Worth it. Their ingredients are organic. Their food spells h-e-a-l-t-h-y.)
    * You’re not allowed to bring your own food and drink inside this resort. Only junk food, light snacks, and water are allowed.
    * Check out their website ( for prices on surf board rentals, bike rentals, etc.

Tour Expenses

    * Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation – P20/pax
    * Saud Beach – We got this for free because of Kuya Rod. He made a way for us not to pay any entrance fees whatsoever. (See, that’s why you should hire this guy. Wink.)
    * Others – FREE! Cape Bojeador Lighthouse has a donation box. It wouldn’t hurt to donate some!

German Restaurant (BergBlick Restaurant)

    * Estimated at around P190+ per order (really yummy)

Tricycle from Kapuluan Beach Resort to the main highway where you’re supposed to board a bus

    * Around P30 per tricycle ride
    * This is just a 10-15 minute drive from the resort.

Bus from the highway to Laoag

    * I forgot. Haha. It wouldn’t cost you much, though.

As you may see, our pockets were emptied because what? FOOD. Yeah, food. So if you want to save on your Pagudpud getaway, try some resorts along Saud Beach, which may offer cheaper food. Polaris Beach Resort along Saud Beach has a cheaper accommodation fee and cheaper food. (Kuya Rod works for Polaris Beach Resort too!)

Helpful tip: Google (verb). Also, don’t hesitate to call the resort where you’ll be staying at. Ask their staff the questions you may have, like what time this bus travels, or how to get to this place, etc. (Kapuluan’s staff has been very good at this. Thank you.) It’ll help you prepare well for your trip.

There you have it! Enjoy your Pagudpud getaway!!!

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