Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation

If you’re touring Ilocos Norte, I’ll kill you if you do not visit Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation. It is splendidly beautiful. It is breathtaking.

I didn’t think that this kind of place existed here in the Philippines. I thought to myself, “wow parang ibang bansa lang ah.” I felt as if I was in Greece (even though I haven’t been there yet). But no, I am in the Philippines, and this amazing wonder is truly, truly ours.

How proud could we be?

The rocks were formed from the crashing waves. It took them years to emerge into this colossal structure.

We weren’t allowed to further climb on the rocks because the wind might blow us away, literally. I’m telling you, it was really windy that time. Even on flat ground, in the area near the sea, I might have probably been blown away if I hadn’t exerted conscious effort to hold my feet and weight steady on the ground.

We were able to reach this place through Kuya Roderick. He was our tricycle driver, our tour guide. He initially charged us P1000 for the whole tour (Bantay Abot Cave, Patapat Viaduct, Bangui Windmills, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation, and Saud Beach). I asked for a discount, and he gave us the price of P900.

But we paid him P1,300.

He deserved it. He was really nice, and he took the extra mile in showing us the beauty of Ilocos Norte. He wasn’t there for the money; he was there for us to truly experience the place. He even treated us corn! He was that nice. He even recommended this German restaurant where we could have dinner, and I’m telling you, he did not fail us. We wanted to treat him dinner, but he was too shy and modest to accept it because the price of the food was high. We insisted, but he was unyielding. You could tell that he wants it, but he was just too nice to accept our offer.

Here is Kuya Roderick’s number – 09195109658. His tricycle’s body number is 341. He would be more than glad to tour you around.

Below are more photos of the majestic rock formation

Breathtaking, isn't it?


Entrance/maintenance/development fee for the White Rock Formation: P20

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