Legazpi Adventure

Want to try something new for the weekend? Instead of partying in a bar, try exploring a province. Ride a bus, enjoy the scenes, and explore the streets and breathtaking landmarks with just a backpack and a map.

Explore Albay, my friends. Tour Legazpi City (its capital) and its nearby towns, discover Mayon Volcano's true beauty, and experience an adventure that nothing else can replace.


Take the Alps Bus to Legazpi. Board at the Alimall Station in Cubao. (It’s better to reserve your tickets beforehand.) Travel time is 10 hours.

Perks of choosing Alps:
  • Their staff is organized.
  • Their TV is in good quality.
  • Wide leg-room for long-legged people
  • You can actually block off the aircon if you’re feeling really cold (this is problematic in most buses I’ve ridden).
  • They offer free medicine (anti headache, anti tummy sickness) for their passengers.
  • Free Wifi
Visit http://www.alpsthebus.com for their contact numbers and other information

TIP: Go for the 7-8pm trip, for you to reach Legazpi at 5-6am. The view of Mt. Mayon is splendid on these hours. You'll see its perfect cone shape as the view is clear. (No clouds to block the view!)

You may also want to schedule your bus ride back to Manila as well!


We did not really know where to go first, and how to reach places. All we had was the Lonely Planet travel guide book, and some adventurous spirit. Here's what we did:

- We had breakfast at Bigg's Diner (P100+). The ambiance is cool and retro, but don't expect too much on their food; it was not that great.

- From Bigg's Diner, we went to Daraga Church. The view was amazing!

- Then, we boarded a jeep (and a tricycle) to take us to the Cagsawa Ruins and Mt. Mayon (P20). The place has a park where you can relax. Various eateries and souvenir stalls are also set up along the place.

- We visited the Japanese Tunnel on the foot of Ligñon Hill. YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS. It is in this tunnel where they kept their weapons during WW2. Authentic Japanese flags and typewriters from World War II are displayed too.

- We climbed Ligñon Hill by foot. It was hard work, I'm telling you. But what we got on top - the view of Mt. Mayon and Albay - was definitely worth it. They also have a zip line you may want to ride.

Tip: You may want to leave your bags at the entrance gate. They have a small "office" there. (Do not leave your valuables.)

- We ate at Small Talk Cafe (P100+). It is located near Bigg's Diner. Your should not miss their Pinangat Pasta (laing pasta). Simply put, it is the best pasta in the world.

Thanks to Ralph Pammit for this photo!


Simple. We rode jeepneys and tricycles. We asked around.
You wouldn't have to worry about the cost. It's cheap (around P8-P10 per jeepney ride).


Well, we went straight to Donsol after this adventure, so we did not really get the chance to book a hotel room in Legazpi.

If you want to stay in, check out this site for a list of hotels in Legazpi.


Click here to see the maps of the places we've been to!


- No smoking in Legazpi. And. They have a curfew.

- See Mt. Mayon early in the morning (around 5-6AM). You wouldn't want the clouds to block the volcano's perfect cone shape, right? ;)
- Pack light!


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  1. Legaspi also implements no smoking like Pangasinan. And their CO's are really strict