Last Hurrahs in Catanduanes: Bato Church, Sea Breeze Restaurant, and Catanduanes Midtown Inn

After two nights in Puraran Beach, it was finally time to head back to Virac to prepare for our early morning flight. We boarded a tricycle (P150) from Puraran Beach to take us to the jeepney station in Baras, which will then travel through the town of Bato and finally, Virac.

Again, we rode on the jeepney's roof. We bathed ourselves in sunblock, and then enjoyed the tranquil ride back. We passed by Bato Church first before going all the way back to Virac.

Bato Church

Photo by Nicco Lampa

In darkness, there is light

I have read that Bato Church is the oldest church in Catanduanes. It is literally made of stones, and some portions of its walls and ceilings serve as a dwelling place for bats.

The church rests beside a wide, placid river. This river, I believe, contributes to the peaceful vibe of the place. Imagine yourself being greeted by that serene view upon stepping out of the church's doors - wouldn't that 'complete' your spiritual experience?

I believe it would.

After admiring the church, we boarded a tricycle to Virac. We checked in at Catanduanes Midtown Inn, had a quick bath, and rested for a bit. Then, we walked to Sea Breeze Restaurant for a BIG, SCRUMPTIOUS late lunch meal. It was situated by the sea and it was just around 5 minutes away from Catanduanes Midtown Inn by foot.

Sea Breeze Restaurant did not disappoint us. The view of the sea and the rocks were astounding, and their food - oh their food - was the best we have experienced in this trip. Their menu consists of a wide variety of choices - from pasta to chicken to beef to pork, from salad to sweets to seafood to all-time Bicol specialties. THEY HAD EVERYTHING!!!


More than that, it was affordable! It was really affordable. Their very palatable Seafood Marinara pasta (good for 1) only cost P85. BAM - how do you beat that?!

Because of these gastronomic delights, we opted to also have our dinner at Sea Breeze Restaurant. We wanted to try everything we can in their menu. I bet Adam Richman of Man V. Food would do the same.

Ohh la la. Seafood Marinara, green mango, and yellow mango shake.

Their specialty? SEAFOOD.

Another dish made from seafood

Some pretty good sizzling dish

After the treat at Sea Breeze Restaurant, we decided to visit the nearby Maribina Falls in Virac. However, due to the unforgiving, heavy rain that suddenly poured throughout the town, we decided to rest instead. The tricycle drivers said it was not safe to go all the way and trek to the falls with that weather, and we wouldn't want to experience a flash flood as well.

So we killed time in Catanduanes Midtown Inn. Our sore muscles (thanks, surfing) needed a rest anyway.

Catanduanes Midtown Inn is, well, an inn at the center of Virac. (Their name speaks for themselves, haha.) It offers really cheap accommodations for budget travelers. Their air-conditioned rooms are very small and very basic. They have hot and cold shower and a cable television. They also have free WiFi and a small sala where you can relax.

What I liked best about this inn is that they offer free van/shuttle service to the airport. It was so convenient. Their restaurant was closed though, when we were there. I think it was under renovation.

If you want to know more about this inn, click here to visit their website.

Our last, full day in Catanduanes went like how an ideal, typical Sunday should go. We visited a church, ate out in a restaurant, and watched television while relaxing in bed. The difference it had from Manila was, this had an extra ounce of serenity in it.

Thank you, Catanduanes, for your comfort on our last day.

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  1. Nice vacation! You seem to travel around the Philippines a lot. Kainggit. :-)

  2. Thanks Karen! :D Yep I do hehe, kaw rin go traveeeelll!!!! :D