Twin Rock Beach Resort at Catanduanes

Three surprises welcomed us at Twin Rock Beach Resort in Igang, Virac, Catanduanes.

Number One. You wouldn't think I'd rave about grass, but Twin Rock's landscape was so pleasing to the eyes! Their bermuda grass was refreshingly green in color! It was a soft, comforting carpet that covered the grounds of the resort.

Slippers? Who needs them? When at Twin Rock, going barefoot is love.

Number Two. The sand. It was like baby powder... Yes, it was that soft.

My brother once lost his slippers at a beach in Lian, Batangas. My boyfriend accidentally broke his slippers at a rocky shore in Pagkilatan, Batangas. At Twin Rock, you'd be happy if these happen to you. :p

Last but not the least, their special guest. Yes, their special guest. The one who was about to have his wedding at Twin Rock. Let's just say that he was not happy seeing us frolic around the beach, so some unfortunate things happened. ;)

But we did not let him ruin our much-awaited Catanduanes trip. After chilling out in their huts and exploring their waters for some good finds down under (not the place for snorkeling enthusiasts, by the way), we moved out to head to our next destination - The Majestics at Puraran Beach.

Here are more photos of Twin Rock Beach Resort:

Let's go to the beach!

Perfect for simply chilling out

One of their rooms

Click here to visit Twin Rock Beach Resort's website.

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