Taiwan Famous (Street) Food Finds: What's Good, What's Not?

Taiwan offers a vibrant and diverse food scene that is sure to excite any kind of traveler. However, not all food experiences are created equal, and it's helpful to have some guidance on what to try and what to avoid.

In this article, we'll share our personal experiences with Taipei's most famous food finds, highlighting the hits and misses we encountered along the way.

1. Shaved Ice Desserts - It Depends

Shaved ice desserts are popular in Taiwan for their refreshing texture, and is a perfect treat to beat the summer heat! We ordered a summer special from a popular stall near Yongkang Street—Mangoes on Brown Sugar Ice. I loved the brown sugar ice, but the mangoes tasted far from what I am used to in the Philippines...

Regardless, it still brightened up our mood and refreshed our tired bodies from touring Taipei!

I still suggest that you try it, but maybe with different toppings if you're used to Philippine mangoes. :)

2. Taro Balls - No

Despite its popularity, we didn't find Taro Balls to be tasty as we are used to sweet Filipino desserts like Halo-Halo and Banana Con Yelo (Sweetened Banana With Shaved Ice and Milk).

We tried it in the Linjian Night Market and in Jiufen Old Street, but both didn't really pass our personal tastes.

3. Stinky Tofu - YES

Even if I am not crazy about tofu, I can confidently say that stinky tofu is indeed a must-try dish in Taiwan. We recommend visiting this stall in Linjian Night Market to savor this unique delicacy.

4. Crispy Spare Ribs/Breaded Chicken - It Depends

The crispy spare ribs we tried in Linjian Night Market were just okay. However, the fried breaded meat/chicken in Jiufen Old Street tasted really good! We weren't able to get the name or photo of the stall in Jiufen due to the rush.

5. Peanut Ice Cream Roll - YES

Peanut Ice Cream Roll is a delightful dessert consisting of a thin, crepe-like wrapper filled with ice cream and various toppings such as crushed peanuts, cilantro, and condensed milk. It is a definitely a must-try when in Taiwan.

We were able to enjoy ours in Shifen Old Street, specifically in a stall named 69. The ice cream flavors we tried were taro and pineapple!

You will see the peanut ice cream roll in almost all street markets around Taiwan. Just make sure the stall is clean and sanitary.

6. Rice Stuffed Chicken Wings - YES

While exploring Shifen Old Street, we encountered these delectable stuffed chicken wings, which we ordered in advance through our tour guide from our Klook Day Tour. They were absolutely tasty, savory, and filling! Each order costs NT$ 75.

You may ask your tour guide about it, if you want to savor this tasty treat as well!

7 and 8. Mung Beans Cake and Pineapple Cake - YES

We discovered a wonderful stall in Jiufen Old Street during our Klook Day Tour, where we purchased high-quality mung beans and pineapple cakes to try. The staff emphasized that the mung beans had a shelf life of only four days, showcasing their commitment to freshness.

The pineapple cake tasted really good as well—a far cry from the ones sold in souvenir shops. So if you're in Jiufen Old Street and craving for these popular delicacies, try it right away from this shop!

9. Breakfast Wraps - YES

Whenever you come across these breakfast wraps around Taipei, we recommend trying them. These wraps typically include eggs and scallions, but some stalls offer add-ons like ham and bacon for your filling and delicious morning meal.

We tried them in a nearby breakfast stall near our place, as noted in this Google Maps link.

10. Random Grandma Toasts with Coconut Cream Filling - YES

The other toast had chocolate filling. It was also good!

This breakfast place that we tried out not only served breakfast wraps but also had delectable coconut cream-filled toasts. It was a very simple dish but the coconut cream filling really made it stand out! You may try them out by clicking this link for their location on Google Maps

We hope this gives you more knowledge on your upcoming food adventures in Taipei, Taiwan! We do have another post coming up, featuring more food finds from Taipei.

Alternatively, you may try a guided food tour by Klook, so you can right away experience some of the best flavors of Taipei through your very own local tour guide. Click here to learn more about/book the tour.

Happy exploring and enjoy your food adventures in Taiwan!

Disclaimer: We understand that everyone's taste buds are different; what may not be good for us may good for you! The recommendation above are only based on our personal experiences. :)

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