Through the Years at Surf Kamp, Caliraya

We loved swimming and fooling around on the slippery, muddy banks of Lake Caliraya when we were still kids. It gave us joy, but made us look like the dirtiest kids on the planet. Sad to say, it permanently stained our white shorts and shirts. But what do we care? We were kids and clothes did not matter to us then. What mattered most were play time, the waters and the mud.

As we grew older, we learned how to shun the mud-filled waters; swimming is not the only way to have fun at Surf Kamp, Lake Caliraya. We learned to read a good novel, with the wind brushing through the pages of our books. We became fond of grilling fish, ribs and barbecues for our family’s lunch by the lake.

We also learned that looking at the sky at night can be surprising. On most occasions, over a thousand bright stars hovered above us like glitters giving spark to the dark. We also learned how the simple sight of a sun-lit lake by the green mountains can move our emotions to a different level.

Most of all, we learned that simply being with the family is the best feeling of all. Setting up tents, waking up early in the morning to welcome the sun, eating breakfast, washing the dishes together – what could be better than that?

Through the years, Surf Kamp at Lake Caliraya gave us various perspectives on fun. Our Tito introduced us to this cool, serene place and it has been a favorite family destination since then. I suggest you try it out too and discover how camping by the lake can make you and your family happy, refreshed, and wanting for more.

Our camp


Good morning


It's the boys' turn to cook!


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