Tips for Your Camping Trip at Surf Kamp

Surf Kamp is the perfect camping spot in Lake Caliraya. It also serves as a playground for windsurfers, kayak paddlers and thrill-seeking jet ski riders.

Here are some tips for your camping trip at Surf Kamp:

1. Do not forget to bring the following:
- tent/s and sleeping bag/s
- pillows
- flashlight
- insect/mosquito repellant
- sunblock
- grill
- coal
- food
- beer
- water for cooking and drinking
- alcohol or hand sanitizer
- and everything vital for camping. Surf Kamp is a camping site and not a 3-, 4-, 5-star hotel.

2. Do not forget your jackets and blankets. It is cold out here, even on summer nights.

3. Some areas are muddy too. If you are the type who do not want to get their feet dirty, bring extra slippers or extra towels. Also, the mud at the banks of Lake Caliraya is very soft and slippery, so be extra careful.

4. When windsurfing, kayaking or jet skiing, wear a life vest to keep you safe.

5. Last time we were here, we had manang cook our canned corned beef and eggs for a minimal fee. I am not sure who she was as my Tita was the one who did the negotiations. You might want to ask Surf Kamp about this instead.

6. For avid photographers out there, bring your cameras. The place has some really nice sights for your artistic shots.

7. They have windsurf lessons as well as kayaks, jet skis, camping tents and motorized boats for rent. Day camp costs P75/person while an overnight camping trip costs P150/person.

For more details, kindly go to this blog or contact Marco (the owner) at 09213521742.


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