Bloomfield Hotel in Baguio City

Hop through the busy roads of Cubao and board a Genesis Bus at the corner of EDSA-New York. Shell out PHP 445.00 for a one-way ride to the City of Pines - Baguio City.

News of a 9-degree Celcius temperature in this city made us drop everything in Manila and run to Baguio's iconic Session Road. We had no itineraries, no plans - just the urge to experience a nine-degree atmosphere in our tropical country.

We were on a budget, so we chose amongst the cheaper priced hotels in Baguio. We were very lucky to have stumbled upon Bloomfield Hotel - the hotel with the best, quickest, most efficient customer service I have ever experienced in my 25 years on Earth.

We arrived at the hotel a little past 2 PM, said "hi" to the receptionist, and within a minute, we have already been ushered into our room. To add to my surprise, the room was more than what I expected. It was aesthetically pleasing; looked more worthy than its value of PHP 2,140.00.

It had a balcony too. We only had Session Road as our view, plus the majestic SM Baguio and some pines. Well, at least we had the pines.

Breakfast for 2, cable TV, hot shower, towels, toiletries and free WiFi come along with the PHP 2,140.00. Plus, of course, the very courteous and responsive staff of Bloomfield Hotel. Seriously, each request we had were accomplished in less than 15 minutes. Or 10. No kidding.

A nearby restaurant is the Hill Station, one of the Philippine Tatler's best restaurants of 2012. Beside it is a fusion of poetry, art and film in Mt. Cloud Bookshop. Bring a bottle of beer in here and finish that novel you've been putting off for weeks. Better yet, buy a PHP 50 ticket to see a short indie film by our fellow Filipino artists.

If shopping interests you, a nearby mall we probably all know is SM Baguio. But try looking through the nooks and crannies of Session Road, and you'll surely find something more delightful than the usual merchandise you see in Manila. Try Ukay Ukay - it's an obligatory task for most traveler-shoppers to buy or at least check it out when in Baguio.

The view from our balcony

All these recommended places are just walking distance from Bloomfield Hotel. A three to five minute walk can quickly take you there. You can say that Bloomfield Hotel is a hotel of choice for travelers who value convenience the most.

They say that you can hear the faint sound of traffic from their rooms at the lower floors (as the hotel is just along the highway), but it wasn't really that much of a bother. What mattered most was, well, their superb customer service.

Check out their website for more info:
Address: No. 3 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City, 2600 Philippines


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