Accommodations in Baler: Bahia de Baler 2

Luxurious, top of the line, state of the art. That's how Bahia de Baler 2 is compared to most accommodations located along Sabang Beach in Baler, Aurora. Their standard rooms may be quite expensive, but it's worth the buy.

The photo on the left shows the Standard Room located at the 3rd floor of the Bahia de Baler II building. It costs PHP 3,360.00 per night. Check in time is 2pm while check out time is 12pm. It is inclusive of buffet breakfast for two, hot and cold shower, WiFi and a cable TV. Plus 2 complimentary bottles of water per day of your stay and the usual toiletries that go with hotel rooms.

This room has a balcony too, which gives a picturesque view of coconut trees against the blue summer sky. However, during our stay, there were on-going construction works outside; it caused an eye sore on such a beautiful scenery. It didn't matter though as we were out most of the time.

The customer service of Bahia de Baler 2 is superb as well. I unfortunately had menstrual cramps during our stay, and their staff provided me with 2 tablets of mefanamic acid. They delivered those tiny tablets from their Bahia 2 office all the way to the Bahia 1 area where we were having our breakfast. I think it was their Manager who delivered it to us. *Clap clap*

Another plus - Bahia de Baler 2 customers can also swim in Bahia de Baler 1's swimming pool! They also have a dedicated shuttle that can take you from Bahia 2 to Bahia 1, and back.

Bahia de Baler 1's refreshing pool!

Most of the restaurants along Sabang Beach are crowded, so try Bahia 2's Cafe Rosa (free WiFi) if you are looking for some quiet time. Their food and (soothing) coffee are not that expensive; I think its prices are just at par with Bayler's.

Everything seemed so perfect, but I noticed that a very basic thing was lacking. You know what it was?

A soap dish in their shower room.

Their shower room looks really elegant, but when it cannot function the way it is supposed to function, then it would not be that much of a good use to the customer. After using the soap, where, then, will the customer place it? On the floor?

Stuff I learn in Engineering.

At any rate, Bahia de Baler 2 is the place to be when comfort, luxury, convenience and superb customer service are what you are seeking for. It comes with a price though, but it's worth it for all the goodies that you get. :)

For budget travelers and regular surfers, why not try it just for once (or twice, or thrice). Pamper yourselves after a day of battling (and riding) with the waves. Get stoked in Baler, but make it even better with the comfort Bahia de Baler 2 brings.

Minimalistic and clean - just the way we like it!
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Where is Bahia 1 and Bahia 2:

Website and Contact Info of Bahia:  - currently down so try Bahia I's instead -

Update as of March 15, 2014:
Costa Pacifica now operates Bahia. Please contact 09178536040 for queries.
Charlie Does Surf Shack is now located in Costa Pacifica.

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  1. Your post answered my questions on where to stay in Baler. :) Thanks!

  2. You're welcome! So glad to have helped! :)

  3. meron pa po kayong current contact sa Bahia De Baler? so far kasi yung mga nakikita kong number on different site eh puro unattneded na. Thanks for the help.+

    1. Have you tried 0908-982-7064 or 0908-732-0672 ? Try these numbers for Bahia 2

  4. I tried the two numbers cant be reached

    1. Ok wait i'll ask my friend.. I'll keep you posted

    2. Costa Pacifica now operates Bahia. Please contact 09178536040. Thank you.

  5. Do you know a Sabang hotel that has a Manila office where we can swipe our corporate card? Thanks!