Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas (2013)

Setting up tarpaulin roofs, bunjee cords and ropes. Cooking by the sea and peeing on the grass. That's how we roughed it out in Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas.

It has been more than two years since my cousin discovered this place. We went camping here in 2011 and went back this Holy Week 2013. It used to be a quiet, solitary beach; now, it resembles a market place - a multitude of campers were flocked along its shore! What can we expect, it's Holy Week. And I believe the place has grown to be a top favorite among outdoor loving folks in Batangas and Metro Manila.

We were lucky, though, to have found our own quiet spot.

The good news is it's still open to the public. The rates remain at PHP 130.00 per person for an overnight stay. Policemen/security guards also do their rounds at night for the safety of the campers.

What's new here are the vendors - ice drop vendors with their bells and bikes, puto and kutchinta vendors, and fishermen who sell their freshly-caught fish to the campers. They are very minimal though, don't worry. They are not causes of disturbance and pollution in the area.

Speaking of pollution. My Tita and I were very disappointed with how other campers manage their wastes. Junk food wrappers, plastics and rhum bottles are strewn all over the camp spots and even in the shallow waters of the sea! How can people be so irresponsible? They enjoy the beauty of Burot Beach and they leave it looking like a wasteland.

What's worse is that these plastics and bottles accumulate in the ocean and can kill sea birds, sea turtles and other sea mammals. How? Either they ingest these trash or get entangled in the plastics. (Source: Sciencedaily.com)

Also, when the oceans cannot take man's pollution anymore, how, then, will it be able to sustain man's needs? Man's food? Man's source of livelihood?

To do our part as responsible citizens/travelers, we picked up the plastics and bottles we could find and threw them in our own garbage bag. Minutes after, the man beside us began picking up trash near his camp spot. I do hope that our example on-site can influence more people to be constant stewards of nature - travelers and non-travelers alike.

Burot Beach Must-Haves:
tent/sleeping bag
grill, coal, matches
mineral/distilled water
water for washing
own food and drinks
alcohol or hand sanitizer
insect/mosquito repellant
towel, sunblock, shades
and your own garbage bags

How To Go:
Follow the route to Lago de Oro (along Calatagan Highway). At the end of Calatagan Highway is the Sto. Domingo de Silos Parish (dead end). Then, turn right towards the small village streets. Kindly ask the locals about the route to Burot Beach. The beach is not far from there.

Mang Ramon - 09156028907

Entrance Fee Rates:**
PHP 65 (day trip)
PHP 130 (overnight)

Cottages, Tables, Tents:**
Big cottage good for 15 people (PHP 500)
Table good for 8 people (PHP 200)
Tent good for 4 people (PHP 300)

To get an idea on where Burot Beach is, please click here for the map.


** Info from an Anonymous visitor, per his/her comment below. Thanks so much for these!

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  1. Hi.. Do you have contact # of Burot beach??? We're planning to have an excursion this May (daytour only). By the way, how much for table rental here???

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Nope I don't... Also have no idea how much table rental is, but I bet it's minimal. Entrance for day trip is P65 only :)

  2. Thanks for the info. Would like to share the contact # of the beach's caretaker, Mang Ramon - 09156028907. Got this from the other blog I've read and talked to him earlier this afternoon.

    ENTRANCE FEE RATES FOR ADULTS (7years old and up) are php65 (day trip only) and php130 (overnight). 0-3years old are free while 4-6years old are 50% of their adult rates.

    Cottages and tables are on a first come, first served basis. They have 3 big cottages suited for 15 persons for php500, tables are at php200 good for upto 8 persons and tents for upto 4 persons at php300.

  3. Can i ask mag kano nagastos sa GAS manila to burot??

  4. Who should we contact for tent rentals, wood for bonfire and drinking water? Or should we just go there and ask the locals regarding these needs?

  5. How do you get there via public transport?

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  9. Hi! I've been to burot last year. I was planning to have my wedding there next year if they will allow us to. (fingers crossed) do you know some place either hotel or resort near the area that might be a good place for the guest to stay? thank you.

  10. just call me raffy.pls.contact 0907-9720465

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  17. Burot is a very interesting place, I live in Germany and have stayed in Burot Batangas with my family member...I was very very fascinated. The place is quiet simple very natural, the cristal clear water is incredible

    you will feel like you are in a aquarium while schwimming discover why I say that.......you will find the answer ones you are there.....

    If you need more ideas how to get there and a place where to stay let me know and lm willing to give you more information you may send me an Email : haeznut@yahoo.com

  18. This 2014 ganun padin ba 'to? We're planning to have a family outing kasi and I recommended them this.. hopefully dito na kami makapag outing.

  19. Gudafternoon open po b kau tom. Jan po sana aq mgcelebrate ng bday q please let me know ksi closed ung beach n dapat paliliguan nmin ready n lhat ng gamit nmin nd ung foods

    1. Sorry Genil I don't own this place. :) I just featured it in my blog. :) Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  20. hi, i just want to ask kng my mga overnyt accomodatio an burot beach... tnx

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  22. what if we can't get a cottage or tent because its a 1st come 1st serve basis.. where are we go to post ?