Long Line at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao)

A long line settled at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport's entryway for departing passengers last August 20, 2014 at around 1:00 PM onwards. Only one entry gate and x-ray machine were being utilized, hence the delay.

Some passengers had flights scheduled at 2:00PM. It was 1:50PM and they were still stuck in the long line outside.

We arrived in the airport one hour and thirty minutes early, but this did not spare us from getting late in our check-in. Our flight from Davao to Manila was scheduled at 2:25PM, and we were only able to check-in at around 2:20PM.

Disputes with the airport guards have been encountered. Here are some of the rants we've heard:

"This is an international airport. Why are you only using one x-ray machine?

"It's 1:50PM and my flight is at 2:00PM. Maiiwan ako ng eroplano dahil sa haba ng pila dito. 'Di ba ako pwedeng mauna nang pumasok?"

"I don't have any baggage with me. Why do I have to take this f*** long line?"

"Babayaran mo ticket ko pag maiwan ako ng eroplano?"

I hope that the management of the Francisco Bangoy International Airport solves this issue at the soonest time possible.

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