Travel Guide: Thailand in 6 Days (Part 1)

Travel Thailand on your own. Skip the tour guide, and have an adventure of a lifetime.

This travel guide replicates our 6-day experience in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi in the wonderful country of Thailand. You may freely use this, or edit it to your liking.

Oh, and what's best is that we spent less than $340 (USD) each for the whole trip (airfare excluded). Sounds good? ;)

See our post below for your 6-day travel guide to Thailand.


We stayed at a homestay inn in Soi Si Bamphen, Sathon District, Bangkok City. It is near the MRT Lumphini Station. From MRT Lumphini Station, take a motorbike to Lido. The driver will then bring you to the street where the inn is located. We found out about the place through Airbnb.

The neighborhood is quiet, and very fit for tourists, travelers and backpackers. Restaurants, quiet bars, cafes and massage parlors abound in the neighborhood. A 7 Eleven is also nearby.

Cafes and restaurants are just around the corner

Massage parlors, too. Try Baan House Massage for your day-end retreats.

Here is the profile of the owner of the homestay inn:
You may click on the Listings to view the rooms offered:


Day 1, Saturday: Chatuchak Weekend Market, Siam Complex, and a little rest

We arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok City at 10AM (Bangkok time). We had our Philippine Peso (PHP) exchanged to Thailand Baht (THB) at SuperRich Money Exchange, then bought a Thai Traveler sim card at an AIS booth.

We had 1 PHP = 0.745 THB at SuperRich, compared to 1 PHP = 0.54 THB in other money exchange stalls you'll see early on in Suvarnabhumi Airport (usually banks). SuperRich gives the best value for your PHP. It is located at the lower level of the aiport, near the train line. Ask around, or visit for a comprehensive review (and tips on exchanging PHP for travel abroad).

You'll also easily see an AIS booth in the airport for your Thai Traveler sim card. AIS is equivalent to Smart or Globe in the Philippines. We had a sim card for 7 days at 299 THB. It is inclusive of calls and texts worth 100 THB, and 1.5 GB mobile data. Click here to know the benefits of having an AIS Thai Traveler sim with you.

1. Airport Rail Link to Inn/Hotel

The easiest and smartest way to get out of Suvarnabhumi Airport is via the Airport Rail Link. Head on to the lower level of the airport to board the train that will lead to your inn/hotel in Bangkok City. There is no need to go outside the airport grounds - it is directly connected to the airport.

The Airport Rail Link (via Makkasan Station) is connected to the MRT Line (MRT Phetchaburi Station) and BTS Skytrain (BTS Phaya Thai Station). Most hotels and inns are connected via the MRT and BTS Skytrain. Click here to see how all lines are connected. It's really convenient and cheap to travel Thailand via their train lines.

Operating hours of the Airport Rail Link is 6am - 12mn.

In our case, we got off at Makkasan Station and headed to MRT Phetchaburi Station to bring us to MRT Lumphini Station. From MRT Lumphini Station, we walked to our inn at Soi Si Bamphen. We can also take a motorbike at 20 THB each, but we did not know how to, yet, at that time.

2. Lunch at Anchalee Bar and Restaurant

Upon checking in, we had an authentic Thai lunch at Anchalee Bar and Restaurant. It's located just outside of our homestay, and tourists mostly eat and drink here.

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market!

We then headed on to experience the Chatuchak Weekend Market! It was a lively scene filled with vibrant Thai clothing, accessories, local crafts, and a lot more! Price-wise, it's like shopping at Divisoria. Some were also more expensive than we expected. Well, of course, it is a place clad with a hundred locals, and a thousand more tourists.

- Ride the MRT to Chatuchak Park Station
- Travel time: about 15 minutes if I am not mistaken. It's via the MRT so it won't take up much of your time.
- Open on Saturdays and Sundays, 6am to 6pm

4. Dinner at Ban Khun Mae Restaurant at the Siam Complex

We explored the BTS Skytrain by heading on to Siam Complex for dinner. We view Siam Complex as Manila's Glorietta and Greenbelt area, as a lot of high end malls and restaurants abound. Dine at Ban Khun Mae Restaurant for traditional and exceptionally good Thai food, and experience the retail scene of Bangkok City by snaking through its creative concept malls afterward.

- From Chatuchak Park, climb up the stairs to ride the BTS Skytrain to Siam Station (take note: you'll be using the BTS Skytrain this time, not the MRT)

Day 2, Sunday: Ayutthaya Day Trip

Ayutthaya, Thailand's old capital, is a must-see. It is only around an hour away from Bangkok. The province is very rich in history and culture. Consider yourself lucky when you chance upon a tour guide while touring their numerous temples; you'll get to know the vibrant story behind each ruin.

Click here for the travel guide.

Day 3, Monday: Bangkok Temple Tour

Today, we toured the temples of Bangkok City. We immersed ourselves in Bangkok's religious culture. It's interesting to note that 93% of Thailand's population practice Buddhism, and it's a totally different scene from what we have in the Philippines.

We were supposed to go to Chinatown and Khao San Road for dinner and night life but we were so tired from walking around the temples for 7 hours straight, so we decided to skip this and delay the street food experience to Wednesday.

1. The Grand Palace (Entrance Fee: 500 THB)

- Ride the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin Station
- Go down and you'll see the Chao Phrya Express Ferry Station (Sathorn Pier). Today, experience traveling Bangkok via the Chao Phrya River! Aboard the boat is a Thai local who entertains passengers by highlighting points of interest along Chao Phrya River.

- Go down at Station N9 (Maharaj Pier) to lead you to The Grand Palace. Fare is 45 THB.
- Walk to The Grand Palace - it won't be hard to find.

Baron Piman Hall, guarded by tight security measures

A mix of Asian and European architecture

2. Wat Pho (Entrance Fee: 100 THB)

- Walk to Wat Pho from The Grand Palace
- Nearby restaurants abound, or delight on street food beside the temple grounds

This is where we had a quick breakfast before heading on to the Grand Palace. You'll pass by this cafe on the way to Wat Pho.

Great street food outside Wat Pho after a tiring tour!

3. Wat Arun (Entrance Fee: 50 THB)

- From Wat Pho, walk to Chao Phrya Express Ferry Station N8 (Tha Tien Pier)
- Ride a boat to cross the Chao Phrya River. Fare is 2.50 THB.
- Alight at Wat Arun

4. To go back to BTS Skytrain, your main point of origin

- Go back to Chao Phrya Express Ferry Station N8 (Tha Tien Pier). Ride a boat to cross the Chao Phrya River. Fare is 2.50 THB.
- Buy a ticket to take you back to Sathorn Pier. Fare is 45 THB.
- Board the boat at N8 (Tha Tien Pier) to take you back to Sathorn Pier.
- Ride the BTS Skytrain back to your inn, if necessary.

If you have the time and the energy, you should visit Chinatown and Khao San Road afterward. View the River Map at to know where best to alight if you're visiting these places.

The post is too long so I divided it into 2 parts. Click here to continue to Part 2...

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