New York City in One Day

I’ve read many blogs that say one day in New York is not enough, and I promise you, it really isn’t. However, for busy folks and those in mere transit, one day in the Big Apple doesn’t seem so bad.

You then ask, “any tips on how I can travel New York in one day? Where should I go, what should I do?”

Ready our one-day experience below to give you an idea on how you can make the most out of your stay in New York. This is going to be a tiring yet awesome experience in the city that never sleeps!

10:30AM: Grand Central Terminal

My auntie and I arrived in New York through the Grand Central Terminal from New London, Connecticut. We hit two birds with one stone by arriving New York through their efficient train lines, while at the same time, seeing the most sought-after train station in the world.

The Grand Central Terminal is one of the busiest and grandest train stations I’ve seen yet. Immerse in the experience, admire the architecture, and take as much photos to your liking!

11:30AM-12:30PM: Madison Square Eats / Madison Square Park

We then hailed a cab to take us to Wyndham Garden Hotels (now Hotel Henri by Wyndham) at West 24th Street. It’s near Madison Square Park and Flatiron Building. We checked in, and headed our way out to find something to eat.

TIP: If you want to save on accommodations, try booking through AirBnb.

We walked along 24th Street and reached 5th Ave. in less than 5 minutes. We then found an interesting pop-up food bazaar called Madison Square Eats. It was located at the General Worth Square, right across Madison Square Park. We ate here and enjoyed the fun, sunny mid-day ambiance.

If you want to try something else, simply cross the street (5th Ave.) and head on to Shake Shack at Madison Square Park! Shake Shack is one of New York’s most famous burger joints. I was only able to try it at the JFK Airport, and believe me, it’s to die for.

12:30PM-1:15PM: Flatiron Building, Walk Around West 23rd Street

After stuffing ourselves up, we took lots of photos of the Flatiron Building, walked along 23rd Street, window-shopped, and people-watched! Yes, the best way to see and take in New York by the flesh is to walk! Hence, wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

1:15PM-4PM: Chelsea Village, High Line Park, and Chelsea Market

We then headed our walking tour to see Chelsea Village up-close. It’s where my auntie used to live. We admired the peaceful and curated neighborhood and apartments as we headed our way to High Line Park.

High Line Park is situated on an elevated area that used to be railroad, and is one of New York’s top tourist sites. Actually, it's also popular with locals who just want to relax and take a breather from the busy streets of New York City.

TIP: Now is your chance to grab an ice pop or a drink, and rest for a bit!

We then strolled the park and found a bazaar that sells New York art, shirts, and other merchandise like magnets and pens that you can take home to your loved ones. Limit your shopping, though, as there are more to find at Chelsea Market, which is just below High Line Park!

After enjoying the crisp breeze and afternoon sun, we visited Chelsea Market. It houses a lot of interesting restaurants, art shops, wine and coffee vendors, novelty items – just about everything cute and nice you can think of.

Chelsea Market is tastefully decorated and designed to the times. This was once a factory that has transformed itself into an artist’s haven, a shopper’s hole-in-the-wall paradise, an entrepreneur’s destination for limitless inspiration.

6PM-8PM: Times Square

We then hailed a cab to take us back to our hotel and prepare for the night. We had very limited time and we were expecting heavy traffic around Times Square, so we weren’t able to dress up as we wished! Upon arrival, we rushed to the Minskoff Theatre to buy tickets to The Lion King.

If you're watching a broadway musical, purchase your tickets in advance, than run the risk of having none.

We had enough time to go around nearby shops in Times Square. Should you find shops on sale, take your chance and buy! I bought a pair of Skechers and it was cheaper by about 20-30% from the ones here in Manila!

Afterwhich, we grabbed a quick snack at Europa Cafe. You might also want to try New York's street food (eg: hotdogs, pretzels) to fill you up before broadway!

8PM: Broadway – The Lion King

It was my first time to see a broadway musical, and what better way to experience it than to see The Lion King! It was a show that I can very much relate to; it was one of the most popular cartoon movies during my childhood.

As expected, the show did not disappoint. See this when you’re in New York, or better yet, see it live in the Philippines! The Lion King iscoming to Manila on 2018, and it's the first stop in their first international tour! I highly recommend that you splurge on this before it sells out!!!

10PM-1130PM: The Halal Guys at 53rd St., Rockefeller Center, and Radio City

I badly wanted to try The Halal Guys in New York, so we walked all the way from Times Square to its stall at 53rd Street. It took us about 15-20 minutes and it was a good way to see the business district at night.

I ordered a rice meal at The Halal Guys but I honestly didn’t like it at all. Well, at least it got us full!

TIP: Eat dinner at a proper restaurant instead. Haha!

My auntie then showed me the Rockefeller Center and Radio City as she used to work here before.

12AM-1:30AM: Wine and Mezcal at Café el Presidente

To end a tiring day, we then headed to Café el Presidente for some drinks. It’s right across our hotel at West 24th Street. We had a few glasses of wine and some mezcal.

It was my first time to taste mezcal. Through this, I learned that mezcal is different from tequila, though it tastes like one. It’s different from tequila in terms of composition and production process. Tequila can only be made with Blue Agave, while mezcal can be made with about 30 varities of agave!

2AM: Sleep

After a fun-filled adventure in the busy urban jungle, we finally retired to sleep.


That's how we traveled New York City in one day! We hope our experience has somehow helped you plan your one-day itinerary in one of the most traveled cities on earth.

Remember to take some time to walk and take in the vibe of the streets, the architecture, and the people. At some points, though, be ready to skip a beat to catch a cab (or an Uber); you will need this should you need to rush from one place to another, or if you can’t feel your feet anymore. You can also travel by bike, which I'll explain in my next post.



Note: This travel guide details our Day 1 itinerary in New York. Click here to see our Day 2 itinerary!

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