Tortuga Poblacion

Tortuga is your newest island getaway in the jungle of Poblacion, Makati City. It is a Caribbean-inspired restaurant-bar that offers really tasteful dishes, cocktails and lots of tequila shots in a cool, artsy, tropical ambiance. If you want to travel somewhere new in the vicinity of the city, Tortuga's a definite must-try.

Yuppies, corporate workers around Makati's business district, millenials fresh from college, backpackers, and even expats frequent the place. Tortuga in Poblacion officially launched on November 29, 2018, and they're expecting an even bigger crowd and client base that spans even the older generation of foodies and party-goers.

Early night in Tortuga. Expect this to be really crowded by midnight.

Tortuga opens its doors at 6PM. This is the perfect time for a mouthwatering dinner in their relaxed, air-conditioned dining space. Their Jungle Pumba and Jerk Chicken are definite must-try's. They ooze with flavors from the Caribbean, and will seriously leave you wanting for more.

Jungle Pumba, P350. Thick-cut pork belly slow-cooked to tender perfection, then grilled for a charred finish.

Jerk Chicken. A crowd favorite.

Pair these mains with Pork Skewers as your starter, or for fun bites in between.

As the night nears 10PM, you'll notice the place getting more crowded. By 11PM to 12AM, expect it to be jam-packed with party goers -- a young and vibrant crowd. You'll also see shots of tequilas being served from table to table. Well, why not, when each Jose Cuervo shot costs only P50 from 9PM to 11PM! They also have affordable Don Papa Cocktails at P100 per glass from 7PM to 12AM.

Aside from this, Tortuga also serves tiki-inspired cocktails to complete your island beach vibe. Try their best-selling Espaniola and Sol Swizzle! Each carefully-prepared glass costs P240.

Espaniola, P240. A Tequila-based aloe vera cocktail with pomelo pulp.

Sol Swizzle, P240. Aromatic rum and guyabano topped with pineapple juice and a dash of bitters.

They also have a lot of interesting cocktails in their menu, such as the Sneaky Tiki, an island style sweet tea infused with vodka, bourbon, and raspberry.

Of course, your drinking session won't be complete without your good-old finger food. Tortuga offers Nachos, Jamon Croquetas, and of course, their best-selling Chicken Skin. Their Chicken Skin is savory and crisp, with just the right balance of umami.

Chicken Skin, P180. A best-seller.

Tortuga used to be located in Katipunan Avenue, home of the Philippines' most exclusive schools. Currently, this hip Caribbean-inspired restaurant-bar conveniently sits in the heart of Poblacion, Makati's newest and hippest haven for foodies, backpackers and party-goers. (A good move, we must say.)

So if you feel like you're missing out on some sun, sand and sea; if you want to air your stress out with sights of relaxing tropical greens; if you're craving for flavorful Caribbean meals; if you want to dance to some good music with a tasteful cocktail on-hand, you'd definitely want to visit Tortuga.

Tortuga is located at the 2nd Floor of Lokal Hostel, Ebro St., Makati City. They're open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 6PM to 2AM. Follow @tortugaph on Instagram for their latest updates -- especially now that they're revamping their menu with dishes that are better than ever. You may also check them out on Zomato by clicking here.

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