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I went to Wisconsin, USA for a 2-day business trip last month (February 2019). Since I was already in the States, I thought of visiting my cousin and uncle afterwards in Orlando, Florida. Of course, I had to book my own flight, so I researched for the cheapest airfare I could find!

I used Google Flights and Expedia to search for cheap flights.

And I found that Spirit Airlines had the cheapest airfare, and its flight schedule fit mine perfectly. It had a direct flight to Orlando (from Chicago), while others had 2-hour or even 5-hour layovers in other states.

So I researched for reviews about Spirit Airlines and found the following:


This rattled me, so I researched for more reviews on YouTube, trusted travel sites like TripAdvisor, and various personal blogs.

What I've read worried me even more. I'll summarize the main points below:

1. Delayed and/or cancelled flights. Others missed a number of days from their vacation due to flight delays and cancellations.
2. Rude and unhelpful staff. Some just left customers hanging clueless.
3. Unjust fees for extra bags
4. No complimentary food and water in the plane

So I asked my cousin for tips. He's been in the US for a number of years and has already experienced a lot of domestic flights. And all he told me was,

"Just book the cheapest flight!"

So I booked Spirit.

And my experience was nothing near the horrible reviews I've read online!!! It was, rather, pleasant! Nothing fancy. I got what I paid for, with only a 25-minute flight delay (versus the ones I've read online).

Waiting for my seatmates!

Of course, I had to be vigilant and prepared so I can minimize costly errors along the way. Here are some of my experiences, tips, and insights so you can be assured that


1) To beat flight cancellations, book from a high-traffic airport.

In a high-traffic airport, you can be assured that there are more passengers boarding your flight; hence, less chances of it getting cancelled (due to low passenger count).

(I'm not saying that Spirit cancels low-volume flights; this reco is just to keep you 101% assured that your flight will not be cancelled!)

You can also predict passenger volume from the number of flights an airline has per week. Spirit has flights every day from Chicago to Orlando. So in case of unforeseeable delays or cancellations, at least you have the next hours or the next day to board.

2) Plan your baggage.

Book your baggage before check-in, and make sure your bags' size and weight fit the requirements of Spirit Airlines (click here to learn more). Additional baggage during check-in can cost a lot.

Question A: What is Spirit's maximum weight requirement for carry on luggages?

Actually, none. Just make sure you're able to carry and store it in the overhead compartment by yourself. Also, make sure the overhead compartment can handle the weight of your bag. Most domestic airlines in the US don't really care about the weight of your carry on luggages. Rather, they're more particular about the size (LxWxH).

Question B: Is my "personal bag" different from my "carry-on luggage"?

Yes, they're different. Your flight via Spirit Airlines allows you to bring a free personal bag. If you want to bring a carry-on luggage, extra charges will apply.

Take note that "carry-on luggage" is different from "checked-in luggage." If you're checking in something else (say, a bigger luggage), that's another additional cost. Maximum weight for a checked-in luggage is 40 lbs. Click here to learn more.

3) Check in online a day before your flight, and print your boarding pass! This saves you a lot of time in the airport.

If you don't have a printer at home, you can print it through Spirit's electronic standalone kiosks in the airport. If you print through Spirit's gate agents, this will cost you additional $10.

If you want to save on paper and don't want to print your boarding pass, ensure that your pass' bar code appears properly through your mobile phone or tablet. Take note that the boarding pass' bar code doesn't work well in the Gmail and Outlook android apps. If this is the case, print your boarding pass instead.

In printing your boarding pass via your personal printer, ensure that the bar code isn't split into 2 pages. You can do this by lessening the margins on the page, by using a legal-sized paper, or by printing it in a landscape (versus portrait) format.

4) Check your email for flight updates. I received a flight update, telling me that the flight will be delayed by a few minutes.

5) Read and pay attention to instructions and reminders.

6) Eat and drink before your flight if you don't want to purchase refreshments in the aircraft.

7) Be on time.

8) Make sure to have a credit card with you during check-in or bag drop.

In case you have to pay for additional baggage, take note that Spirit's check-in/bag drop counters at the Chicago airport (ORD) do not accept cash.

9) Do not believe everything you read online. What may be negative for others may not be negative for you. What may be true for them may not be true for you.

We all live in different societies and cultures so it's just natural for people to react differently to things.

I've flown a lot via budget airlines in the Philippines, so I know what it's like to fly without a complimentary meal or water. I know what it's like to fly with small seats and legrooms. I've experienced flights with more than an hour (or 4 hours!!) of delays. I'm not saying it's okay; delays are horrible. I just want to point out that I've experienced a lot of economy (or "below-economy" flights, if there's such a term), so I had my expectations in place.

Wide leg room! I'm 5'4" tall.

So how was my overall experience with Spirit Airlines?

It was generally good!!! Seats were bigger than most planes I've boarded in the Philippines. Spirit Airlines also had a promo during our flight that gave a lucky passenger 5,000 worth of free travel miles!

Also, all of their staff from the airport to the aircraft were NOT rude. The pilot even apologized for the 25-minute flight delay as they came from the busy La Guardia Airport which had heavy airline traffic. Yet despite the delay, we were still able to arrive in our destination 4 minutes earlier than our original ETA!!! (They were approved a shorter route, per the pilot.)

Our plane from Chicago (ORD) to Orlando (MCO). Flight took less than 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Should you book with Spirit?

Yes, why not! If you want to save on cost, go ahead!

If you want something more than the basics, then book a different airline instead.

Hope this helps!

***This is NOT a sponsored post.***
***Photos taken from mobile phone***

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