The Travel Archives is FINALLY back!!!

Hi everyone! After a very long break, we are thrilled to share that The Travel Archives is FINALLY back! The pandemic hit us hard and we honestly had no idea if we'll be able to experience the world again...

Luckily, we are still here, fully ready to live in places old and new. We missed doing DIY itineraries, executing them into reality, and sharing the experience and honest recommendations with you.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or just starting out, The Travel Archives has something for everyone. You will get unbiased and authentic travel tips and guides from real people, regardless if the post is a simple listicle or a very detailed travel itinerary.

We will provide you with practical advice and personal experiences to help you plan your next adventure.

Because travel is back, and so are we. Let's explore together and live in this world that we are blessed to have.

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Stay tuned!!!

The Travel Archives