Cafes / Coffee Shops to Try in Hanoi, Vietnam

I visited Hanoi, Vietnam a few weeks ago (August 2023) and found myself in numerous cafes! Each had its own character, story, and unique interiors. I’ll list them down for you according to the purpose it served me best; hopefully, this will help you determine which cafe will suit your needs best when you visit Hanoi, Vietnam.

I have linked their Google Maps location for your easy reference.

I badly want to laud them and tell you more about why I loved these places... I'll just do it in separate posts to give you an easier time browsing and choosing from the list below. :)

Best for Working Remotely

- Abundance of tables for working
- Space is good enough for groups
- Sockets for charging
- WiFi - I had my own so I didn’t really pay attention to this. 90% of the time though, cafes in Hanoi offer free WiFi.

How Cafe

    - They don’t serve meals, but they do have desserts you can enjoy!
- Offers a view of the lake. It's magical during sunset.

All Day Coffee

- They have full meals to soothe your hunger from working all day. They also offer the best ambiance for working, and is probably the comfiest cafe I have been to in Hanoi.


- They have food (Bahn Mi and the like) in their menu. Their Vietnamese Coconut Cream coffee is the best! They also offer a cute display of ceramics, as well as coffee beans from local Vietnamese farmers.
- Offers the best view of West Lake

Good for Working If You Get A Good Table


- A Japanese-inspired cafe that has a minimalist design and a quiet atmosphere.
- The cafe has a 2nd floor which I was not able to see. They might have bigger tables there? Check it out and update me please. :)

Cafe de Flore

- This is a cute and comfy cafe in a hotel lobby that serves all-day breakfast and traditional Vietnamese food. Just find yourself a good seat with sockets for charging, and you’re good to go.


- A small neighborhood cafe with books you can read while enjoying your cup of latte. If you plan on working here, do note that tables for working are limited, and they are very small.

Best for Hanging Out

Hidden Gem Cafe

- Probably the most Instgrammable cafe I have ever been to. Their food and coffee are good. You will definitely enjoy it here.

Cafe Dinh

- Old yet bustling with a LOT of customers who want a taste of Hanoi’s famous egg coffee!

Cafe Minh

- Right smack in the middle of Old Quarter. Sit on their low stools and enjoy traditional Vietnamese coffee while watching people pass by the street.
- This is where I had my egg coffee class! More on this on a different blog post, but here's the link in case you want to experience it as well (click here).

Old Train Street

- This popular tourist spot is lined up with cafes and bars. To enter, you have to follow a local who will bring you to a certain cafe/bar/restaurant where you should order something. After which, you are free to roam around or try other restaurants along the tracks.
- Can you enter Hanoi's Train Street without buying anything? Unfortunately not.

Melbie Cafe and Bakery

- Unassuming from the outside, but full of character inside. The interiors are very warm; something I would love to have in my own home.
- This is located near cultural spots and is only a few meters from the Quan Thanh Temple.

More of A Restaurant Than A Cafe, But Coffee is GOOD

The Bahnmi by Kun

- I stumbled upon this cafe while waiting for my bus tour to Halong Bay. I am posting them here because their Vietnamese Latte Coffee is the best. They have a very interesting food lineup as well.

Maison de Tet Decor

- I am not also sure if this counts as a "cafe" or as a "restaurant," but I am posting it here anyhow as they had the best Vietnamese coffee I have tried in Hanoi. Try their hot Ca Phe Sua or Ca Phe Nau and you won't regret it.

I hope this list helps you sort out your travel plans in the land of coffee and culture that is Hanoi, Vietnam.

If you have more cafes to recommend, post them in the comment below! I would love to try and visit them someday. :)

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