San Miguel Island

It was nature at its finest. We snorkeled and saw a sea snake, an eel, two sea horses, and a lot more. On the way back to Donsol, we saw jumping dolphins and flying fishes. The sea was at its calmest, allowing it to mirror the fluffy clouds in the bright blue sky.

There was a beach in between two hills, and sprawled on its white sand were coconuts husks, pebbles, and some wood left from the civilization that once settled there. The sound of what seemed like an owl occasionally filled the stillness of the place. There were coconut trees, a free running goat, and sea gulls that enjoyed the fresh air and the ocean.

Experience this beauty by visiting San Miguel Island in Ticao. After seeing the fireflies and swimming with the whale sharks in Donsol, hire a boat to take you to this place. It will take you an hour to get there.

Cheapest possible cost: P2000
Most expensive price we've heard: P7000
Price depends on the number of people
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Enjoy. :)

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