Puraran Beach: Nature and The Majestics

Our room / cottage
As soon as I saw our rooms at the Majestic Puraran Beach Resort and the view around us, I instantly fell in love with where I was. The vibe of the place gave me the best I have ever had. This was the definition of a CHILL, LAID-BACK vacation in PARADISE.

Our backyard was a farm. A vibrantly green farm! Our front yard was a smooth landscape of grass. Beside us was a family of tall coconut trees, with the white sand and majestic blue ocean in the background. The waves looked gentle, forgiving, and small from our cottage where the word CHILL reigns.

Majestic Puraran Beach Resort has no high-end, sophisticated amenities and technology to offer - and this, precisely, is what makes their resort stand out. It brings you closer to nature; it makes you one with the place.

They have a television in their common area though, like most houses and even shanties in the Philippines do. It comes with a VCD or DVD player where they watch surf movies. They also have shelves of books and novels, some of which were donated by foreigners who have visited their resort. Feel free to read through its pages as you relax under the coconut trees, or while sunbathing by the shore.

There was one book which caught my eye. It was entitled "Tales of the Unexpected" by Roald Dahl. I read it while relaxing on our hammock.

They also have a pool table and a beach volleyball court. The locals delight in playing billiards and beach volleyball during their free time. Some of them wake up from their siesta just to be able to join the 6-on-6 beach volleyball scrimmages in the afternoon. And boy, they take it seriously. They place small bets, like P20, in their volleyball games.

Nicco and I joined them play volleyball. The team we played in lost. I am not sure if they went on with the P20 bet they placed. Hopefully not! ;))

The locals are really nice too. Accommodating, friendly, and easy to get along with. They make sure that your food is prepared on time, and they make your meals really special by creating an aesthetic presentation on your plate.

Last but not the least, the ultimate surfing experience. That was the BEST I have ever had. I really felt the power of the waves underneath my board. (To think that I only surfed its white waters.)

Yes, the waves were that strong. Really.

I surfed the white water of really high waves with small wavelengths – those that immediately and mightily crash down to the sea. Seeing it just a few meters before me was frightening, but surfing its powerful white waters was just out of this world. It made me feel like an expert. :p

The Majestics
Photo from Ate Aireen of Majestic Puraran Resort
However, that was not the “Majestics” I surfed. It was just the spot where those who cannot handle the “Majestics” go.

The “Majestics” is what they call the waves that give veteran surfers really good opportunities for their rides. It was discovered by two Australians years back. It was this discovery which made Puraran Beach a popular surfing spot around the world. As the Majestic Puraran Beach Resort states, “Puraran has gained a reputation among the local and international surfing community for having one of the fastest, most hollow, right-handed barrels in the world…”

Nicco tried surfing the “Majestics.” According to him, it was one hell of an experience - literally.

“Getting wiped-out would make you feel that you are losing all bearings…It feels as if you are inside the jaws of the ocean, chewing you slowly to pieces,” he said on Facebook.

Scary, but worth a try.

So, that was Puraran Beach. We enjoyed the place for two nights without burning holes in our pockets. We were one with the environment - secluded in greens, farms, and mountains where life thrived. We made some friends, battled with the current, and chilled out in this place ruled by nature and the waves.


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See below for more photos of Puraran Beach and Majestic Puraran Beach Resort:

The Majestics
Photo from Ate Aireen of Majestic Puraran Resort

The Majestics
Photo from Ate Aireen of Majestic Puraran Resort

Chill out!

Volleyball, anyone?

Towering coconut trees
Photo from Nicco Lampa

Our cottage

Nicco's hammock, coconut trees, and the beach - perfect

The view from our cottage's hammock

Our cottage's hammock

With Ate Aireen and Kuya Kris

Friendly locals in paradise!

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