Off to Palaui Island: Cape Engaño

Really, Cape Engaño in Palaui Island is a must-see.

A beach studded with white sand and pebbles will welcome you. Closely behind it is a forest of greens and logs with a lot of small, shelled creepers. Off its coast are (dead) corals and some fishes. One of us was lucky enough to see a sea turtle (pawikan).

But these are not the highlights of this destination.

Climb the nearby hill to see Cape Engaño up close and nature will definitely blow you out of your mind – in a good way. Words can do just a little to convey the striking beauty of the place, so here are some photos instead.

Yet these photos can only do so much. To experience its grandeur would need you to actually be there.

The place will surprise you as it is a wholly different world from the beach in front. It will make you curse in disbelief as its beauty is ultimately breathtaking. To see the best of the beach, the ocean, the lashing waves, the remote island, the valley, and the sky all at the same time while in a structure built in the 1800's does not happen everyday.

C’mon, visit Cape Engaño too, and let nature arrest you with its beauty.

(First six photos from Thera Reyes)

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