Corn, on a lucky day

Photo by Blair
We were finally on the dusty, rocky road that led to the magnificent Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation. This was our 5th stop for the day. The afternoon was nearing its end, but the sun was still brightly shining from above.

What a lucky day.

The tricycle finally came to a stop. We stepped down to stretch our aching arms and legs. Kuya Roderick, our driver and tour guide, excused himself for a moment.

“He probably needed to pee,” I thought.

Nicco and I approached the site’s caretakers. We registered our names and paid P20 each for the entrance fee. Then, just as I turned around to take a quick survey of the place, I saw Kuya Rod approaching. He has a handful of corn, each wrapped in a clear plastic. He handed one to me and another to Nicco.

“Kuya ano ito?” I asked.

“Sa inyo na yan,” Kuya Rod replied.

“Ay kuya hindi na po, salamat po,” I humbly rejected, like Nicco did. “Sa inyo na po ito.”

“Hindi, sa inyo na yan,” Kuya Rod insisted as he smiled. He then took a huge bite of his corn and walked happily towards the caretakers nearby.

We were overwhelmed by his generosity and hospitality. Kuya Rod, our tricycle driver and tour guide, showed how much of a host he is. As a resident of Ilocos Norte, he not only showed us the province’s breathtaking sights but also treated us in such a way that welcomed and made us one with the province and with them (the locals). And he did so eagerly, with passion.

We thanked him for the corn and ate it as we walked towards the Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation. The afternoon was nearing its end, but the sun was still with us, its rays shining brightly from the sky.

What a lucky day, indeed.

For your Pagudpud-Ilocos Norte tours, contact Kuya Rod at 09195109658.

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