Why Everyone Loves Bohol

It houses the smallest primate in the world (the tarsier) and on its lands is a magical landscape of over a thousand hills covered in grass that is green during the rainy season, and brown during the dry season (Chocolate Hills).

Its coastline would not disappoint too as it has one of the best white sand beaches in the country (Panglao). Hop aboard a boat, frolic around the sea and see friendly dolphins swimming in the horizon.

Other attractions of Bohol include that of a well-kept butterfly garden and a well-fed, humongous yet harmless snake (Prony). Make sure not to provoke it, or it will be your head he'll be eating next.

Worry not, though, as Bohol has the Loboc River to soothe your stress away. Cruise by the peaceful river while having a pleasant meal on its floating restaurant. Enjoy your time as you listen and sing along to the live, acoustic music played by their crew. Lastly, visit the ancient, tribal village along the way (Ati Tribe). See what marvel they can do, and hit some targets by trying out their bows and arrows.

Another restaurant I can very well remember in Bohol is Chicken Ati-Atihan. They have the BEST grilled chicken barbeque known to man.

Enjoy Bohol, like we did. Drink to your heart's content with your friends, relax like there's no tomorrow and take some fun jump shots with those ravishing Chocolate Hills as your background. Don't forget to feed the tiny, adorable tarsiers and take the courage to gently stroke the slithering reptile that is Prony*. Have the lunch of a lifetime while cruising Loboc River, or satiate your cravings by tasting Chicken Ati-Atihan's mouthwatering meals.

Other noteworthy sites in Bohol are the Sikatuna-Legaspi Bohol Blood Compact Site in Tagbilaran City, the hanging bridge in Sevilla and Baclayon Church, one of the oldest in the country.

Enjoy Bohol like we did. Take a plane to Tagbilaran City and let the adventures begin!

*upon consent of caretaker
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  1. People love Bohol because it is safe and everything is natural in this Bohol island.

  2. Yup, true. :)
    I would love to visit Bohol again.

  3. He's really adorable! I even stopped writing for dissertation services for a minute cause I googled about this cute thing!