Loving the Woods: The Magkawas Falls Hike

"Kaunting lakad lang, tapos makikita niyo na ung falls," said Yum, our local guide in Lanuza.

"What's new," I thought. Visits to waterfalls always require you to walk a few (or maybe a hundred) meters.

A jungle of greens greeted us as we stepped out of Tanya's pick up. With no words being said, we snaked through its tall grasses and weeds, hoping to finally see Lanuza's Magkawas Falls.

Photo from Johanne Negre

A few minutes passed and there was still no sign of water. We were in the middle of the woods, with its muddy grounds testing the strength of our slippers. Uphill and downhill we walked, holding on to the trees' branches and roots for stability against the slippery pathways. Two dogs, who seemed to know the place more than any human could, hiked with us too.

And finally, the sound of water. "We're near," I thought.

In the clearing, there was a stream. Rocks of various shapes enjoyed the clear, cool water that was flowing against it.

Photo from Johanne Negre

"Lovely!" I rejoiced inside. If only I could bathe there at that point, I will. But dusk was approaching fast and we still had to see the falls, so we crossed the seemingly virgin stream and headed on.

I hated hiking, but not this one. The woods emitted just the right amount of cool air one could enjoy. The air was nothing like Manila's; it was the best definition of fresh.

I wanted to get lost there.

After completing another trail, we finally heard the water's force. "Ayan naaaa!!!" I exclaimed. Finally!

As soon as I saw Magkawas Falls, I immediately removed my clothes and jumped into its waters. Oh it was refreshing! I enjoyed every moment of it (except the part when we had to walk barefoot on sharp rocks).

The rest was history. The girls cheered while the boys did some rock climbing and jumped alongside the falling water. If God was watching us, I am sure He'd be so happy. His men were enjoying His creation, reveling on how marvelous His work had been.

Photo from Johanne Negre

Photo from Johanne Negre

What an experience. I never enjoyed hiking, but this one turned me over into a new leaf. The experience had been perfect no matter how imperfect the paths had been.

Maybe it's the woods, or the company, or Magkawas Falls that did the trick. Or maybe, just maybe, it was another one of Lanuza's spells that did it.


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  1. Nice Photos of the Falls! I'm not a fan of hiking too but if the waterfall is as beautiful as Magkawas falls, I will think twice.:)

    Is there any fee that you need to pay?

  2. As far as I remember, I did not pay any fee.. But I think P5 or P20 needs to be given. I think..

    Hehe. :) Wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket, so I suggest you try it too!

  3. I love hiking! And this is place seems like to die for! Such a beauty! I am totally planning on see that Lanuza's Magkawas Falls with my own eyes! thank you for posting!