Stoked in Lanuza

My skin was bruised mostly with mosquito bites and the occasional scratches from the sea's stones. My finger was deeply sliced by a broken tile that saved me from falling butt-first on the ground. My slippers got lost, but I did not really mind as it saved my feet from the hot, rocky surface, even just for a minute (yes, it mattered).

But all these were mundane, more so insignificant, when under Lanuza's spell. The place has a lot of good vibes to offer - thanks to its people, its simple way of life and to mother nature who never failed to quench our thirst for adventure.

Surf Camp - our home in Lanuza. Simple, convenient and affordable!

Grilling some veggies and seafood for lunch!

Our local guide and friend from Lanuza, YumYum

Magkawas Falls (This photo from Gene Villapando)

And of course, to my company, who made the trip a whole lot fun.

Most of all, it's the surfing experience that mattered. You go to Lanuza not to party, not to have a leisurely "white-sand beach trip," but to surf. To experience the waves, the paddling, the attempts and the usual struggle in surfing is nice. To meet and talk to supportive and friendly people on the line up makes it better. And to catch waves, ride it long, and experience your very first drop completes it all.


I'm stoked. Lanuza gave me my first drop and my "yummiest" ride so far.

I can't wait to be back. Next time, though, I'll make pretty damn sure not to get myself stuck in the middle of nowhere (I'll write about it in a separate post). I'll make sure to catch more waves, ride more drops, and surf for more hours.

From dawn 'til dusk, I will.


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  1. Clap many times for this wonderful post. Next adventure ulit!

  2. Thanks gene. Simple lang - kailangan lang talagang ilabas ang sarap ng trip na to. Haha! Next adventure!