Travel Guide: Camiguin Island

Camiguin is a small island north of Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao. You may reach it by taking a two-hour ferry ride from Cagayan de Oro. Some people from Mindanao go here to de-stress by cycling around the perimeter of the island, or by taking a dip in its numerous springs.

The White Beach is also a much-loved place in Camiguin. Visit it, and you will see why.

There are no McDonald’s and SM’s here, which gives the island a provincial charm you wouldn’t want to destroy.


Choose Paras Beach Resort. The accommodations are not that pricey. They have very comfortable beds too. Other than that, they have a billiards table and a table tennis table you may use, and abuse! (Kidding)

Paras Beach Resort is along the sea. It is also only 5 minutes away from the White Island.

Click here to check out their website for room rates and contact information.


Swim at the Katibawasan Falls. The water is cold, so it would be nice to bring hard drinks to keep you warm. Just don’t overdo your drinking, or you might end up being eaten by the falls...

Thanks to Acela for this photo!

Swim at the Sto. Nino Cold Springs. The water here is chilly-cold. Pray that the sun is up during your swim. Oh that would be paradise.

Swim at the Soda Pool. The water is sweet and it tastes like soda; hence, its name. Just like the Sto. Nino Cold Springs, its water is also natural (the water flows from the mountains - how marvelous is that?).

Visit the Gui Ob Church Ruins. This shows the remains of the church that once stood mighty on the island of Camiguin. The earthquake and the volcanic eruption in the island back in the 1800’s ruined it.

Gui Ob Church Ruins
Snorkel at the Sunken Cemetery. The Sunken Cemetery is a cemetery which literally sunk due to the earthquake and volcanic eruption. That cemetery is now covered with water; it is now part of the sea.

Sunken Cemetery
As you may notice, only the cross is visible in the photo. The “kabaongs” are underwater. According to the locals, you may snorkel here to see the cemetery down under. (I believe marine life has already taken over the cemetery.) If you’re too scared or grossed out to do that, it would be nice to just take some pictures of the huge cross, and imagine how the cemetery was like before the calamity occurred.

Swim at the Ardent Hot Springs. The water in the falls and cold springs are so icy cold, so bathing in this hot body of water would be really, really soothing. The perfect treat, I must say. The hot water from this spring is natural. It is from the depths of Mt. Hibok Hibok.

Ardent Hot Springs
Chill at the well-renowned White Beach. This is a white sand bar in the middle of the sea. They have fresh sea urchins for sale (P10 per piece) which you should also try. You may also snorkel around the sand bar too. Just keep safe from the sea urchins lurking at the bottom of the sea!

White Beach
You may reach this by taking a five-minute boat ride from the shore near Paras Beach Resort (or from Paras, if you’re renting a boat from Paras).

Snorkel gears are available for rent at Paras Beach Resort or from the locals just outside the street (cheaper).

Dine in at Luna Ristorante. At the end of the day, visit Luna Ristorante for some good quality pizza. Their specialty pizza is a must-try.


Hire a multicab. It is like a miniature L300 with the windows of a jeepney. It is very refreshing to ride a multicab in Camiguin because the air is cool and fresh! Seriously, you wouldn't have to worry about pollution in Camiguin Island.

Thanks to Acela for this photo!
You may want to search the reliable for multicab rentals in Camiguin. Just make sure to read the reviews first!

Enjoy! :D

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  1. Sounds so much fun! The underwater cemetery gave me the creeps! Hahaha. Love reading your travel archives, Cam! :D

    1. Fun talaga! :) Ung underwater cemetery feel ko puro corals na un ngayon.. haha. Thanks Kaye!

  2. I would love to go to that Camiguin Island, nice beach and love the Katibawasan falls, the only drawback is it's in Mindanao scared to travel that far :-) by the way thanks for visiting my blog :-)

    1. Yeah but it's worth it right? :) Thanks for visiting too!

  3. Sunken Cemetery?? unusual though!! haha...