Where to Stay in Baler: SMART Beach House

There's a huge difference between an establishment directly managed by its owner, and one remotely managed albeit with proper guidance. The difference may not clearly be seen in their books/profits as there are a lot of factors that may affect this. Rather, it is in their customers' experience that this can be drastically felt.

Such is the case with SMART Beach House along Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora. The owners are hands-on in taking care of the business - welcoming the guests, serving them breakfast, assisting in WiFi concerns, etc. It makes the customers feel more valued, which makes their stay feel a lot more worthwhile. It weaves a personal touch to their experience in the resort.

It's a game changer. You're searching "where to stay in Baler" in Google, and a lot of options pop up. You have been to the surf-clad beach several times, and a lot of popular accommodations stand out. Which do you choose this time?

New Building
Yes, SMART Beach House is just along Sabang Beach!
SMART Beach House is a good pick for your accommodations in Baler. It offers a peaceful and relaxing escape from the busy side of Sabang Beach. It is situated beside Pacific Waves Inn and is located just a few meters off Nalu Resort and Costa Pacifica. Say hello to convenience as it stands by the beach - see the waves, or the vast view of the Pacific Ocean bordered by the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, in an instant!

SMART Beach House has an old building and a new building (located just beside each other) that have comfortable rooms good for couples, families and barkadas. The new buildings have hot and cold showers, so that's a big plus. Their rates are reasonable, which you may see in http://www.smartbeachhouse.com.

Old Building
At the old building - beers and grilled sausages outside your comfy rooms, yes?
At the new building's mini terrace - how about some coffee and a good talk?
They serve coffee, hot chocolate, and breakfast (not included in room rates). For lunch and dinner, you may grill your own food for free! Standard rates apply should you want them to cook for you instead. SMART Beach House has their own convenience store for your basic travel and surf necessities (water, junk food, tissue, surf wax, kids' rashguards, slippers, etc.). They also have free WiFi in their dining area and lobby.

Beef tapa flakes and Swiss Miss for breakfast!
Grill your own food or allow them to cook for you instead
Dining Area
A preview of their new lobby
Of course, a trip to Baler won't be complete without surfing. They have their own surf instructors and boards care of Sarp Tayo Surf Shop, founded by Baler longboard surfer Kris dela Torre. Standard surfing rates apply (PHP 300 per hour, with a surf board and an instructor).

I was not able to take good shots of the family room in the new building - message me instead if you want to see.

Let me know about your experiences. Enjoy!!! :)

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