Travel Guide: Thailand in 6 Days (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1...

Day 4, Tuesday: Kanchanaburi Day Trip

We set off to another nearby province of Thailand, about 3 hours away from Bangkok, to visit the tigers and elephants. Click here to view our detailed guide.

Eat-All-You-Can lunch by the River Kwai and the Death Railway

This is where you can take a photo with the tigers for a certain fee. Are the tigers sedated?

The walkway that separates humans from the tigers below

Day 5, Wednesday: Thailand Muay Thai, Street Food, MBK or Platinum Mall, and Red Light District

1. Thailand Muay Thai at Fighting Spirit Gym

Liven up your stay in Thailand by immersing yourself in a 1-hour Muay Thai class at Fighting Spirit. This is the first time I've tried Muay Thai, and it's with a legit Thai instructor. With this activity, you'll get to experience the country's number 1 sport, and you'll get the chance to make friends and have a personal interaction with a Thai local.

To be honest, it's what I miss most about Thailand - the small amount of personal time we had with the Thai instructors at Fighting Spirit. After the 1-hour Muay Thai class of my partner (and my free pad session, hihi), the instructors invited us to have lunch with them. They were very hospitable. They cooked their food, and shared it with us wholeheartedly. The food was really great - even better than what we've had the past days. They also offered us to drink their beer. They were really, really great people.

- Address: 52/7 Si Lom, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
- Nearest train stations: BTS Skytrain Chong Nonsi or MRT Silom
- Website:
- Note: The gym is hidden from the road. You have to enter a deserted parking lot to reach the gym.

2. Street Food for Lunch at Soi 20 in Silom

What's Thailand without street food? After your Muay Thai class, head on to Soi 20, which is just across Fighting Spirit Gym! Indulge in everything you find interesting, but be wary of hygienic food practices as well.

This is a street populated with corporate employees during lunch break as it's in the business district of Silom, so we advise you to visit Soi 20 30 minutes before or after 12 noon!

3. MBK Mall or Platinum Mall

Shop more! Now's the time to buy pasalubong for your family and friends. MBK Mall and Platinum Mall are 2 very popular tourist malls in Thailand.

Before heading on, we passed by Action Zone, a shop selling the cheapest muay thai gear in Bangkok. Click here to read more about it.

Then, we went straight to MBK Mall. It's nearest Action Zone, so we decided to stay here instead of Platinum Mall. MBK Mall has 7 floors (yes!), so prepare your feet for another session of endless walking. When we were there, they also had an outdoor street food bazaar that sold a lot of interesting food and snacks.

- From Soi 20, walk to BTS Skytrain Chong Nonsi Station to go to BTS Skytrain National Stadium Station

4. Street Food for Dinner at Soi 38

Soi 38 was once known to be a vibrant street lined with the best street food vendors in Bangkok. However, the owner of the land died and his family sold it to a condominium developer. We were lucky as a few stalls still operated at the time we were there. We had our fair share of authentic Thailand street food and meals that ended our last day in Bangkok.

- Head on to BTS Skytrain Thong Lo Station (Soi 38 is located just below Thong Lo Station)

5. Red Light District at Soi Cowboy

Before heading home, and since it's on the way, we passed by Soi Cowboy to experience the red light district that the country is also known for.

- Head on to BTS Skytrain Asok Station (you'll see Soi Cowboy from here)
- To head home, we used the MRT Sukhumvit Station, which is just beside Soi Cowboy, to head to MRT Lumphini Station (where our inn was located)

Day 6, Thursday: Departure

Our last day in Thailand finally came... Sadly, every great travel has to physically come to an end. Nothing special really happened in our last day as our flight was scheduled early in the morning. We packed our bags and easily reached the Suvarnabhumi Airport via Bangkok's very efficient train systems.

Though the trip has ended, it has given us a wider view and a deeper perspective on people, culture, religion, economy, transportation, government, animal care, and a lot more. We've only visited a few spots in Thailand but it gave us more than just 5-days' worth of learning and experience.

Feel free to print this out via the PDF link below. We'd love to hear from you - share your experiences with us, or any suggestions you may have!


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