Terri Brodeur Annual Walk for Breast Cancer

You were seeing the magnificent, historical temples of Thailand.
They were cheering over the double-digit growth in sales for the quarter that passed.
A couple was pronouncing their vows along the picturesque shores of Mykonos, Greece.

While in Connecticut, USA, a mother named Terri Brodeur was suffering from breast cancer.
She died, eventually, leaving her husband and children behind.
After a year or so, her husband killed himself.

Six months after Terri's death, Norma Logan, Terri's friend, passed away. She also had breast cancer.

This is the story behind the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation (TBBCF). Established in 2006 by Norma Logan and Sandy Maniscalco in honor of Terri Brodeur, they aim to fight breast cancer by contributing 100% of the donations they receive from fundraising activities to breast cancer research.

One of the annual fundraising activities they held this year was the Terri Brodeur 11th Annual Walk across Southeastern Connecticut. It was held on October 1, 2016, and over a thousand participants joined the marathon walk, the half marathon walk, and the quarter marathon walk.

There were volunteers along the route who served free chocolates, pizzas, water, Gatorade, and medical assistance to motivate the walkers. Establishments also participated by adorning their office spaces with pink ribbons, paintings, and cute decors that strive to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Participants also enjoyed the scenic views and neighborhoods in Connecticut as they trailed each mile with willpower and hope. The full marathon started at Old Saybrook, the half marathon started at East Lyme, while the quarter marathon started at Niantic. The walk culminated at Harkness State Park where free food and drinks were served. Free massage was also offered by professional masseuses!

The Terri Brodeur Annual Walk is actually an ideal activity for tourists. I, for one, was not only able to see and enjoy the people, landscape, neighborhood, and flora of Connecticut; I was also able to help in the process of putting a cure to breast cancer in my own little way.

What is more interesting is that this well-curated walkathon posted facts about breast cancer along the route. They also aimed to educate the walkers about the ill effects of this disease. Honestly, we do see its iconic pink ribbons all the time, but we sometimes forget how grave its effects are on women.

The support of citizens from Connecticut and all over the world was beyond measure. It cannot be solely quantified based on the donations received by TBBCF because there were a lot of groups who offered their full selves, free of charge, for this cause.

Families donated water along the neighborhoods we passed by, children and students cheered and motivated walkers along the route, while senior citizens offered free bandages and medical assistance to the participants' blistered feet and aching muscles.

Participating food establishments also gave out free clam chowders, vegetable soup, salad, and snacks at the Harkness State Park.

We suggest for you to witness it yourself. You will see how willing and open-hearted everyone is about finding a definitive cure to breast cancer.

If  you want to be a part of the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation's 12th Annual Walk next year, feel free to contact me. You may also contact them directly at tbbcf.org.

Their annual fundraising walkathon can also be a part of your itinerary for your travels in Connecticut in 2017.

This is me with my Tita. She invited me to join the Terri Brodeur Annual Walk for Breast Cancer when I visited her in Connecticut. I was able to tour much of her place through this walkathon! My Tita is a survivor of breast cancer.

To know more about how they contribute 100% of their fundraising proceeds to breast cancer research, visit https://tbbcf.org.

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