Nice Beach Near Manila: Calatagan, Batangas

Weekends are the most precious days to almost everyone I know. These are days where we can take a breather from our crazy, fast-paced hours at work. While many choose to relax at home, or go to the mall to see a movie, a lot nowadays prefer to escape to nearby beaches.

Batangas has remained to be a popular weekend destination because of its tranquil beaches and its proximity to Manila. Developers and businessmen have seen this long ago; hence, countless options and unending list of resorts and beach clubs in Batangas are available for us today. With a travel time of only 3 to 3.5 hours from Manila, Batangas has been and will always remain a popular choice for a city dweller’s weekend escape.

Weekend escape
Batangas has numerous beaches you can visit, and one of these is the popular shoreline of Calatagan. Calatagan has a long stretch of powdery white sand where numerous resorts rest. They are blessed with peaceful waters that are delightful to swim at during high tide. On low tide, what you’ll usually see by the beach is a vast land of dark green seaweeds. Don’t fret, though, as these are naturally part of the sea. Small fishes play here during high tide. We even saw a small, baby octopus, prancing its way between the weeds.

Low tide
We really love the beaches at Calatagan, Batangas because it’s as virgin and natural as it is. We were a few kilometers past the shoreline of a popular beach resort, and we decided to skin dive hundreds of meters off the coast. What we found was a vast bed of vibrant corals and marine life so alive that you’d want to thank all the locals for keeping it that way.

The sunset in Calatagan is also a marvel. It’s the perfect scenery to end your week, and start anew. Weekends are meant for us to turn off, engage in our hobbies, connect with our families and friends, and be productive in other aspects of our personal lives.

In case you choose to spend it by traveling to a nice beach near Manila, we highly recommend Calatagan, Batangas.

Numerous resorts are available for all types of travelers. There is a membership club called Playa Calatagan, a luxury resort by the name of Stilts Calatagan, budget-friendly accommodations like Blue Waters, and camping grounds like Burot Beach. These resorts all share the same coast line.

A peaceful, low-key, budget resort called Sunrise Cove is located farther. A more detailed review will be posted about this soon.

Plan ahead as these establishments tend to run out of available rooms due to their popularity nowadays. Aside from that, these beach resorts are near Manila, which makes them very easy to visit.

Calatagan is most accessible with a private car. Turn your Waze on and you’ll easily reach your resort of choice. For commuters, you may click here to know more about commuting to Calatagan.

Make it a goal to always make the most out of your weekends. If you’re tired of staying in the city, choose to travel to Calatagan, a nice beach near Manila, and engage with the fresh and natural beauty of the sand, the sun, and the sea.

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