Misibis Bay with Travease

On the first of September, we bid Manila goodbye. We decided that it's best to start the -ber season right by relaxing in the serene atmosphere of Misibis Bay in Cagraray Island, Bicol.

And it was, indeed, a real treat.

We did nothing to make the trip happen. We barely planned anything. We did not book any room nor plane. But the trip progressed smoothly, like a leaf gently rolling with the wind.

A few months back, we won a free trip to Misibis Bay through The Travel Club's Travel to Escape Contest. We composed a short video that shows why we want to escape to the luxurious resort. Thankfully, The Travel Club's judges caught our entry, which allowed us to bag free accommodations in Misibis Bay!

Travease, a one-stop shop that specializes in Asian tours and activities, took care of planning our vacation. They covered everything we needed. All we had to do was advise them our preferred dates of travel and redeem our plane tickets! It's really that simple.

Traveling with Travease is a breathe of fresh air. They understand that we have very demanding day jobs in Manila, giving us very limited time in planning for our trips. I do admit that it takes a lot of effort to plan for a vacation, especially with a big group.

What I like most about my experience with Travease is their professionalism and efficiency. They communicate well, which gives the impression that you are in good hands. They reply at once and provide you what you need, even on weekends and holidays. They keep a tab on your flight and advise you in advance of any delays, allowing you to adjust and plan ahead.

These allowed me to easily trust Travease. When traveling locally or internationally, it's vital to work with a capable agency that you fully trust. Agencies can either make or break your travels, so choose wisely.

Thankfully, our three-day vacation in Misibis Bay went smoothly. We definitely had a blast! It was the perfect way to welcome September and rejuvenate us for the busier months ahead.

We are big fans of DIY traveling, but Travease just proved to us that traveling with them can be so much easier.

To learn more about Travease and to see the myriad of adventures they offer, visit their website at http://mytravease.com. You may also like their Facebook page here or their Instagram account here.

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