Traveling through memories


It's the 19th of June, year 2021. It's been 1 year and 4 months since the global war against COVID-19 started. For 1 year and 4 months, movement outside our homes have been very, very limited.

We cannot go out for leisure, travel, and to live a healthy, balanced life is an extreme challenge. People have to be creative on how they can cope given the surmounting restrictions on all types of movement - be it actions related to business or personal matters.

As such, we cannot travel like we used to. Countries - even cities and provinces - have closed their doors to non-residents. The only recourse we have at the moment to connect with each other and with the world beyond our own homes is through technology - social media, video calls, travel documentaries.

But we all know it's not enough

I miss traveling. Our last trip overseas was in Japan, just before the pandemic officially started. We traveled Tokyo, Niigata, and Nikko. It was also the first time we tried snowboarding.

If we can't physically experience the world right now, I'll do so through my memories and through this blog while I still remember bits and pieces of it.


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