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I was dead-tired and in need of real sleep. I wanted a room and a bed to take me in for my slumber. But we are headed to Sta. Ana, Cagayan. We are headed to a remote province at the Northernmost part of Luzon. A province I had no idea about, a place too far from everything else, a place where comfortable hotels may be non-existent.

So I did not expect a good resort. I did not expect a nice bed with clean sheets. What I had in mind were trees (lots of them), stones, weeds, the ocean, and a not-so-comfortable small resort with semi-painted walls, basic rooms, and wooden benches fresh from the forest. I was fine with this, as long as they had a bed.

Our Lonely Planet Travel Guide mentioned Jotay Resort in Sta. Ana, so that was where we immediately headed upon setting foot on the province.

As we reached Jotay Resort, everything inside me lit up. It looked beyond inviting! It was nothing of what I expected it to be! For a fatigued traveler like me, it was sanctuary at its finest.

It has a neat, modern design up front. Around 3-4 rooms are located here, overlooking the resort’s swimming pool and the ocean outside. Beside them is the bar and restaurant where they cook very palatable meals. Their vegetable soup is a must, as well as their mashed potatoes.

The rest of the rooms are at the back. There are two rows of dwellings lined up beside each other. A clean, wide, well-cemented street, which also serves as a parking area, separates them. I felt like I was in a safe townhouse compound every time I walked towards our room.

The rooms are basic and clean. They are air-conditioned, with a cable TV and a private comfort room. They have hot and cold shower too.

Most of all, their staff and their service are excellent. The waiters are very amiable and accommodating. They cracked jokes from time to time, and it did not fail to make us chuckle. They also offered to carry our bags on our way to our room.

Evidently, Jotay Resort kept us comfortable, refreshed, and happy in our Cagayan getaway. I expected a lot less about the accommodations in this province, and I am beyond glad I was wrong.

I only wished for a bed, but I got a lot more than that – thank you very much to Jotay Resort.

Where is this? Click here for the map.

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