The Road to Cagayan

A cancelled flight to Catanduanes and a Lonely Planet Travel Guide book took three travelers to the Northern-most tip of Luzon - Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

Photo from Edited by me.

The travelers spent 11 hours on a bus to reach the town of Santiago, and another 3 to reach Tuguegarao. Night has fallen when they arrived. They were welcomed by heavy rains which left them no choice but to pay a hefty price of P100 for a tricycle ride to the Florida Bus Terminal. It has been said that buses bound for Sta. Ana pass by this place.

And so, they arrived at the Florida Bus Terminal. They waited, and waited, and waited. They waited so long for that bus - that savior - to take them to their destination. To tell you the truth, it tested their patience. It tested their patience a lot.

The wee hours of the morning held them captives of a barren place. Ticketing booths, canteens, and food stalls were sleeping, like the security guard stationed in the area. The seats at the waiting area were occupied by chance passengers who had more than one to themselves. They were snoozing - like the security guard, like the food stalls, like the whole town of Tuguegarao.

Some three or four hours had passed when finally, the bus to Sta. Ana arrived. The travelers awoke from their respective places of rest - on the floor, on the small wooden table, and on the ticketing booth. Finally, the gruelling wait was over. This was it - the final bus ride - and then they were free.

Small houses once again paraded themselves before the bus' windows. Green trees and weeds lay all over the place, but it was not noticed as the travelers were deeply asleep. Another 3 hours passed, and finally, they reached their destination.

Sta. Ana, Cagayan!

At long last, they've met.

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  1. Hehehe yep, pero worth it naman siya. :D

    Advice lang - if you're going to Cagayan, make sure that you've slept well at night before your trip. Para di ka stressed/naghahabol ng tulog sa bus :)

  2. Thanks po sa Advice... Tatandaan ko yan...:)