Accommodations in Baler: Casitas Bed and Breakfast

A new bed and breakfast lies near Sabang Beach in Baler, Aurora. I heard that it is owned by Bay's Inn. It is located a few meters from the popular resorts and it is only less than 5 minutes away by foot from Sabang Beach and your favorite surf shops! This resort is named Casitas Bed and Breakfast! I haven't tried it out yet, but I've had a quick peek of its rooms during my stay in Baler this May 2013.

Location of Casitas according to the colorful map in my head

The big question is, is it affordable? Of course it is! Here are their rates as of May 2013:

I shall call this the "Type A Accommodation"
4 pax, 2 rooms with double bed, cable TV, electric fan and sharing bathroom (sharing bathroom connects room 1 and room 2)
PHP 1,600.00 Sun-Thurs
PHP 2,000.00 Fri-Sat

I shall call this the "Type B Accommodation"
2 pax, 1 double bed, aircon, with cable TV and own bathroom
PHP 1,200.00 Sun-Thurs
PHP 1,400.00 Fri-Sat

With complimentary breakfast (menu on Sun-Thurs, buffet on Fri-Sat)
Check in time 2PM, check out time 12PM

For more details, please contact:
09283222218 / 09089823509 /

I might be missing out on something here - does Casitas Bed and Breakfast have a pool in their backyard? Help me out and other surfers/travelers by commenting below.

Enjoy Baler!

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  1. 09089823509 - I called this number and apparently it's Bay's Inn Resort.

    1. i heard that casitas is also owned by bay's inn. maybe that's why:)