Isla Jardin del Mar in Sarangani

It's no secret that Sarangani Bay is clad with numerous white-sand beaches that many are yearning to see, yet not much can be read about it online. People seldom travel Sarangani or General Santos compared to destinations of equal beauty in Visayas and Luzon.

Let us share with you a white-sand beach resort in the province of Sarangani. Here, you can simply be yourself while enjoying good food within the unspoiled beauty of nature. It is only 1 to 2 hours away from General Santos City, so there is no excuse for you not to visit!

Isla Jardin del Mar is one of Sarangani's most popular beach resorts. It is located in the town of Glan, with a shoreline blessed with fine white sand and calm waters.

It is a family-friendly resort that offers various activities like beach volleyball and billiards. Check out the vast open space in the photo below, and think about the most interesting and fun-filled game you can play with your family and friends!

The white-sand resort extends to a rocky shoreline that will definitely excite thrill-seekers. We highly recommend that you take the time to explore this as well, as it opens up to the vast and serene view of Sarangani Bay.

You will be surprised with the scenery at the end of the rocky beach. Take photos, reflect, or jump into the cool waters!

If you're tired, fret not as Isla Jardin del Mar offers tasty food at affordable prices. You may also grill your own food if you prefer.

The resort also has simple accommodations to encourage its guests to be one with nature. It's a sanctuary, a place where you can forget about your busy days in the city.

Pack your bags to Mindanao and enjoy a different scenery! Get to know the people, delight in Sarangani's cooking, and enjoy Isla Jardin del Mar like we did!

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