Caramoan Island Hopping: Long Trip

Prepare for a more exciting day as you head on to the second leg of your island hopping activity in Caramoan! This is called the “long trip” primarily because the islands are located around 1.5 hours away from the pick-up points at Bikal Port or Paniman Beach.

The long trip costs P2,500 per group. This is inclusive of your boat, boatman, and life vests. The boat is usually good for 6-10 pax (depends on the boat you're riding). If you did not avail of any tour package and just booked your boat via your hotel or through your own, don't forget to bring your food, drinks, and snorkel gear!

Take at least ¾ of your day to experience each island you’re visiting. At best, allocate a full day to your long trip. You’ll be visiting 4-5 breathtaking sites, which we highly recommend for you to experience at least once in your life.

Cotivas Island

Hands down to this unique piece of fine land. It’s geographically located in one of the best spots on earth. It’s cradled within clean, crystal blue waters and seemingly landscaped green mountains. Some kilometers away, you’d see the vast view of the roaring Pacific Ocean.

It’s naturally beautiful with soft, white sand, and a few cottages for rent at P100.

Prepare an entrance fee of P50 per pax.

The Lighthouse and Liwan Beach at Guinahuan Island

Just across Cotivas Island is a lighthouse atop a hill in Guinahuan Island. Take around 10 minutes to climb the hill and be amazed with one of the best views in Caramoan.  You will see Liwan Beach, Cotivas Island, and the surrounding Philippine Sea.

It's quite a pity though - I have lots of photos the island's landscapes, but none of the lighthouse! ;))

Entrance fee per person costs P25.

Manlawi Sandbar

After an exhausting trip at Guinahuan Lighthouse, take your time to relax as you hop off to Caramoan's nearby paradise called Manlawi Sandbar. It’s a large area with white sand and shallow waters, surrounded by floating cottages where you can have your lunch.

The floating cottage costs P200 to rent.

Afterwards, enjoy halo-halo from the “floating vendors.” Each order costs P25.

By this time, you will definitely realize that Caramoan’s long trip island hopping has been worth your time and effort. 

Sabitang Laya and Bag-ing Beach

Sabitang Laya and Bag-ing Beach are located in one island. One side of the island is called Sabitang Laya, while the other side is called Bag-ing Beach.

We were not able to see Bag-ing Beach anymore as the TV Series Survivor had begun to set-up for their upcoming shoot. We were lucky, though, as we were still able to explore Sabitang Laya and enjoy its virgin beach.

After enjoying the island and taking (lots of) photos and selfies, you may ask your boatman to stop a few meters off the coast of Sabitang Laya. You may snorkel or skin dive here!

Caramoan’s “long trip” island hopping is one of the best adventures you’ll have in your life, so keep an eye on it and experience it while you still can. It’s best to visit while Survivor is not shooting so you can explore each and every nook Caramoan’s islands have to offer.

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