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It's quite a wonder to discover, one by one, the 7,107 islands that the Philippines is blessed with. As you travel and get to know each island, you will then realize that each possesses her own natural charm, story, and personality.

Few of the many islands we've gotten to know over the past weeks is known as the Caramoan Group of Islands. These pockets of white-sand beaches are situated in Camarines Sur in Bicol. They're widely known as the shooting hub of the famous TV series Survivor.

But there is more to Caramoan than this.

We found Caramoan to be a peaceful, quiet town blessed with abundant green farms, crystal clear rivers, and unspoiled, lush mountains. It seems untouched by greed and pollution, and most of the locals we got to interact with are kind, pleasant, and delightfully innocent.

Here's our Caramoan Travel Guide for 2017, which you may freely use to your liking.


We visited Caramoan by booking a bus from the new Cubao BusPort to the Naga City Bus Terminal. Afterwhich, we rode another bus from Naga to Caramoan Town Proper. Click this link to read our detailed post about it!


Caramoan has numerous accommodations you can choose from. We suggest for you to book by Paniman Beach instead of booking at the town proper. You or your group need to spend an additional P300 for tricycle rides to and from the boats' jump-off point for island hopping if you're staying at the town proper.

Also, to have an instant view of the beach is always the better choice. Agree?

Here are some accommodations in Caramoan we'd like to recommend:

1. AirusXander Beach Resort (along Paniman Beach)

This is our number 1 recommendation. It is the best mid-range accommodation in Caramoan due to the following reasons:
  • It is located at the best part of Paniman Beach - by the end of the shoreline, where the sea and the placid Sohoton River meet. It has an astounding view of Caramoan's limestone structures, glittered with green trees.
  • It is reasonably-priced at P1,500 for 2 pax.
  • You can use their kayak for free! You may kayak along the Sohoton River beside the resort.
  • You're instantly at the jump-off point for island hopping activities! No need to hire a tricycle or a van from the town proper.
Click here to learn more about AirusXander Beach Resort.

2. West Peninsula Villas (Town Proper)

We're recommending this next as we personally stayed here during our first 2 nights in Caramoan. It is a comfortable resort with a swimming pool to cool you off from your island hopping activities. However, do not expect on their food. Blatantly speaking, it's not good. It's overpriced for its quality, and they seriously need to improve on this.

Aside from the swimming pool, here are other benefits of staying at West Peninsula Villas:
  • It is reasonably priced at P1,500 for 2 pax.
  • Their staff are very amiable and accommodating.
  • Their rooms are cozy.
  • They have a small billiards table that you may enjoy any time! By the far end of the resort is a videoke station as well.
  • The resort is beautifully landscaped. It is your sanctuary after a rough day by the sea.
Click here for more information on West Peninsula Villas.

3. La Casa Roa Hostel (Town Proper)

We've been in close contact with this resort during our planning stage, and through our communications, I can say that La Casa Roa Hostel offers very good customer service. They are very responsive and understanding.

We ended up booking at Island View Lodge though as we opted to spend our next nights by Paniman Beach instead.

Click here to book at La Casa Roa with discounted rates!


Island-hop! Visit their pristine, white-sand beaches in 2 days. Book a tour package or a boatman with the resort you're staying at to give you an easier time traveling.

1. Short Trip (Day 1)

This can be done half-day (or less), but if you want to relax and maximize your stay in each island, then go ahead and take the whole day for it!

This trip will take you to Minalakos Island, Cagbalinad Island, Lahos Island, and Matukad Island. You can also snorkel or skin dive by the area between Cagbalinad Island and Hunongan Cove. The boat usually costs P1,500-2000 that's good for about 6 to 10 pax (depends on the size of the boat you're riding).

Click here for our detailed travel guide about Caramoan's short trip.

2. Long Trip (Day 2)

This is called the "long trip" because the islands are located around 1 hour and a half from your jump-off point. Take a whole day to do this to enjoy the beauty each island has to offer.

This trip will take you to Cotivas Island, The Lighthouse and Liwan Beach at Guinahuan Island, Manlawi Sandbar, Sabitang Laya, and Bag-ing Beach. Leave as early as 6am or 7am to be able to see all of these destinations. The boat usually costs P2,500 that's good for about 6 to 10 pax (depends on the size of the boat you're riding).

Click here to read our detailed guide about it!


Sadly, there aren't good restaurants in Caramoan yet... Fast foods are not present as well. However, we do like to recommend the restaurant of Island View Lodge at Paniman Beach. Their fish with tausi is good, as well as their blackfin tuna. You can also stay here for a bottle of beer, or shots of tequila, with a nice view of the sea.


1. Flashlight

Other travel guides may not mention that electricity is intermittent in Caramoan during summer. All accommodations and tourist spots are affected due to the shortage in electricity. Hence, almost all resorts have their own generators. However, most generators still cannot handle the demand so there may be times when the lights can't be turned on.

Bring a flashlight to keep you ready at all times. You'll never know when you might need it next.

2. Mosquito-repellent Lotion

In addition to your flashlight, bring a mosquito-repellent lotion. As electricity is intermittent, air-conditioning or electric fans in your rooms might not work at some times. Keep your skin safe from insects so bring a mosquito-repellent lotion with you.

3. Bring your family and friends!

It's the best place to tag the whole gang along as it will help you split the expenses you'll accrue from your island hopping activities, tricycle rentals, and so on.

Lastly, before visiting Caramoan, make sure that Survivor isn't taping! Survivor closes some islands during the shoot, which you don't want when you're touring Caramoan Islands. Ask your tour guide or your resort to know more about this.


We hope our Caramoan Travel Guide helps you make the best out of your stay in one of Bicol's most-loved destinations! Explore each island with zest to be able to appreciate the beauty our country has to offer!

Click here to learn more about Caramoan's Short Trip Island Hopping.
Click here to learn more about Caramoan's Long Trip Island Hopping.

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